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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

WiseDV Showcase Interactive Playout, Multiplayer Game Streaming

WiseDV, Playout, Ad Insertion, and Multi-Group Video Conference technology specialist, demonstrated the enhanced features of Playout Server, Automated Sports Highlights, and multi-group BozuGameParty at NAB 2022.

WiseDV demonstrated several new products, including:

  • WisePlay –Linear channel Playout Server with seven-layer graphics, SCTE-35, and HTML5 overlays.
  • WisePlay-IA WisePlay interfaces with BozuPoll – for directing viewers to a BozuPoll site, enabling viewers to participate in the poll and overlaying the Poll results on the WisePlay output.
  • BozuHighLights – Automated and on-demand sports highlights enable the sports fans and sports team to use intelligent index features to review a specific event like a goal, wicket, and any scoring event with a single click.
  • BozuAnnotationBoard –An interactive transparent whiteboard overlay on WiseHighLights enables a sports team coach or captain to pinpoint any specific game area using a pen, shape, or images.
  • BozuGameParty – Multiplayers stream the video game at 60 fps to BozuGameParty, where the viewers form their groups and converse among themselves privately. Game streamers can select which fan group to join to have a video dialogue, and viewers can choose any or all POV. Streamers communicate with other streamers using the BozuGameParty Platform.
  • BozuPoll –Creates a Poll and enables users to participate in a poll.
  • WiseOTT –Integrated OTT platform for VOD, AVOD, SVOD, Live channels, Payment Gateway, and subscriber management tools.
  • WiseSSAI – Server-side Ad Insertion for Live and VOD.


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