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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Witbe Launches Automated Monitoring Propagation of Emergency Alert Warnings

Witbe recently announced the launch of a new feature dedicated to the detection of Emergency Alert System (EAS) warnings and other national warning systems such as Alert Ready in Canada. The EAS is used to distribute emergency alerts and warning messages regarding imminent public safety threats, such as severe weather situations and other civic emergencies. This new technology allows operators to detect any planned or unplanned EAS warning messages, ensuring a 24/7 post-device monitoring of emergency alert systems. It can be easily implemented to already deployed Witbe robots.

Witbe robots connect to real test devices and replicate end-user journeys to monitor the Quality of Experience of any digital service. Thanks to this new feature, any Witbe robot can detect EAS warning messages appearances while monitoring the QoE of a video service. Once the emergency alert has been detected, robots will measure important KPIs, such as success rate and propagation. This then generates a report containing a geographic view of EAS propagation. Additionally, Witbe robots will also perform video archiving that provides auditable records of EAS warnings to prove governments they have propagated and reached the device.

“It was critical for us to develop this new service as American operators are now forced to prove to governmental organisations that they can display these EAS warning messages,” commented Mathieu Planche, Chief Executive Officer at Witbe. “We are very proud that this technology has already been successfully implemented at major multi-service operators in the USA. This new feature pushes Witbe towards a new and very exciting chapter of compliance testing!”


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