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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wowza Integrates VOD+Live Streaming+CMS for All-in-One Scale

Wowza Media Systems recently launched Wowza Video, an integrated video platform for building business-critical applications. The one-stop solution powers live streaming and video on demand (VOD) for organisations looking to enhance their products and services with video. As a continuation of Wowza’s ongoing innovation, Wowza Video delivers a single, seamless platform with a full suite of new and enhanced functionality:

  • VOD and Live Streaming: The solution combines Wowza’s 15-year track record as a live streaming pioneer with powerful VOD capabilities to power any business use case with cloud-based transcoding, packaging, delivery, and playback.
  • Video Content Management System (CMS): The new video CMS enables content distributors to easily store and manage video assets while improving searchability for end users.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Wowza Video’s built-in CDN ensures smooth content delivery across the globe and auto-scaling to audiences of any size. 
  • Robust HTML Video Player: The platform’s brandable player supports playback in any environment and includes advanced features for ad insertion, security, low latency and more.  
  • Real-Time Analytics: With Wowza Video’s analytics feature, publishers gain insight into stream health, viewer data and platform performance. The simple-to-use interface provides visibility across the entire workflow to inform data-driven decisions. 
  • Comprehensive APIs: Wowza’s builder-focused solution includes API coverage across encoding, transcoding, CMS and playback to support everything from quickly getting started to developing advanced video applications.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX): Wowza Video introduces an intuitive UX to simplify navigation across the platform and improve ease of use.

With the launch of Wowza Video, Wowza bolsters its live streaming technology with next-generation VOD functionality – synthesising all the essential video capabilities that today’s businesses require. The new platform delivers powerful features at each stage of the workflow, giving customers a one-stop, integrated solution that eliminates the complexity of merging separate video technologies.

“The release of Wowza Video exemplifies our transformation from self-service streaming components to full-service video solutions,” said David Stubenvoll, co-founder and CEO of Wowza. “We’ve always been an innovator in video and this investment into cloud-based SaaS technology was driven by a commitment to being the partner organisations scale with. For that reason, the new functionality released today was directly informed by customer feedback.”

“Wowza is a preferred partner that we’ve relied on to power our video technologies for over a decade, and we’re excited about the new capabilities they’re bringing to market with Wowza Video,” said Patrick Freeman, digital media systems administrator at Jewelry Television. “The user interface and new stream monitoring pages are very nice, very clean. And for someone who wants to do live streaming plus their own front end for a video offering, the API is strong and makes total sense. We look forward to using it.”

With a focus on companies building video into business-critical applications – including those in enterprise, live broadcasting, healthcare, retail, esports, and government – Wowza Video provides powerful APIs for everything from quickly getting started to developing advanced apps. The solution also ensures the success of video for those applications by combining the reliability of an industry leader and the scalability of a global platform.

“Online video has always been plagued by complicated, multi-vendor workflows and rigid technologies that don’t adapt to business needs,” explained Jon Duncan, Vice President of Product at Wowza. “Wowza Video brings our customers a single-provider solution for all their video technology requirements – boosted by the scalability and reliability that comes standard at Wowza.”


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