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Zixi Highlights High-Performance Live Video Delivery Enhancements

Zixi,recently announced it will be returning to NAB 2022 after a two year Covid interruption. Zixi will be showcasing a broad range of product updates and new service launches at this year’s conference.

Beginning on Sunday, April 24th and running through Wednesday, April 27th, Zixi will be hosting private one-on-one meetings designed to educate audiences on the SDVP, the most comprehensive platform for delivering live video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device. Along with individually scheduled meetings and demonstrations, the Zixi team will present opportunities for participants to learn from Zixi leadership, integrated partners and top media companies that are using the SDVP to address the challenges of workflow, network, and operational virtualisation.

As part of the showcase, Zixi will be exhibiting new and existing capabilities of the Software-Defined Video Platform, including:

Live Events Scheduling and Management Services:

  • Manually or programmatically manage live event schedules in ZEN Master
  • Define event stages and rules templates including pre and post-event stream behavior
  • Leverage Zixi as a Service (ZaaS) Infrastructure or bring your own
  • New dashboards for enhanced live event monitoring
  • Support any format in and dynamically transform streams in-flight to match publishing endpoints

AWS Support Delivers New Control Plane Options Across AWS MediaServices

  • Management and monitoring of AWS MediaConnect Flows in ZEN Master
  • Support for managing JPEG XS and AWS CDI flows in ZEN Master
  • ZEN Master support for AWS Elemental Link devices
  • Configuration and monitoring of AWS Elemental MediaLive Channels in ZEN Master
  • ZEN Master for AWS now available in AWS Marketplace with support for private offer contracts

ContentXchange Channel Service

  • Built to reliably connect the world’s most valuable content with the most watched destinations
  • Includes access to hundreds of local US TV station feeds and a global network of thousands of content partners
  • Zixi secures transport rights, onboards content partners and curates channel lineups
  • Channel feeds are atomically normalised to the customisable distribution endpoints
  • Leveraging proven ZaaS services, delivers fully redundant geographically diverse distribution paths with hitless failover for every managed channel

Actionable Analytics, Data Visualisation and RCA Reporting with the Intelligent Data Platform (IDP)

  • The IDP leverages trained ML algorithms and AI analysis to sort vast telemetry data in to actionable insights
  • New data visualisation dashboards clearly identify performance anomalies and behavioural outliers
  • AI/ML driven predictive analytics can accurately identify and alert on conditions likely to lead to an outage
  • Automated incident detection and RCA reporting saves significant time and money

Features Available starting with v15 of the SDVP:

  • Automated failover triggers on TR101, Content Quality Analysis (CQA) and unrecovered packet alerts
  • Improved throughput performance by as much as 200 percent
  • Enhanced NDI support to include mapping NDI audio channels to MPEG-TS PIDs
  • Updated RIST retransmission request timing to improve performance
  • Added ML-based VMAF content quality estimation and improved PSNR estimation
  • Audio level histograms added to CQA reports
  • Support for 4:4:4 video on NVIDIA transcoding pipeline

USE CASES: Attendees can learn more about specific use cases and scenarios, including…

  • 5G / Mobile Edge Compute delivers live 4K broadcast quality video
  • ZaaS enables cost efficient multi-cloud delivery strategy
  • Focus on Sustainability
  1. Emissions Reduction in Compute Layer Integrating ARM processors delivers significant improvements in energy consumption rates leading to lower GHG emissions
  2. Network Throughput Optimizations recent upgrades to Zixi software doubled the effective throughput of Zixi traffic per compute instance
  3. Bandwidth Efficiency Improvements save as much of 40 percent of the available network bandwidth with quality optimized delivery
  4. Sustainability Tracking: Zixi Sustainability Projects
  • Remote orchestration and virtualized operations across the media supply chain
  • Business impacts analysis with enhanced SCTE-35/CUE propagation monitoring
  • Universal Gateway services that programmatically normalise thousands of concurrent linear channels

NAB PANEL DISCUSSIONS: Zixi leadership will be presenting or moderating a number of in-depth industry discussions on topics ranging from the increased use of AI/ML in broadcast operations to the impacts of 5G and cloud driving new business initiatives across media and entertainment.

Sunday April 24th 2022

11 AM: The Journey to Autonomous Broadcasting– Zixi’s Executive Chairman and CEO Gordon Brooks will present the latest efforts to enable self-healing, self-optimizing live video networks.

Monday April 25th, 2022

10 AM: The Transformation of Broadcast Media with 5G Deployments – Zixi’s Eric Bolten, VP of Business Development, will be hosting a panel discussion with AWS, Verizon and Bloomberg to discuss new live video delivery workflows enabled by implementation of 5G

3 PM: Simplifying Content Delivery and Distribution – A Case Study by Senior Director of Field Engineering Kevin Parks who will discuss lessons learned in the proliferation of live channel syndication, reducing the operational complexity and high managed service costs associated with traditional broadcast video delivery without sacrificing quality and reliability while unlocking new opportunities in the marketplace.

Tuesday April 26th, 2022

10am: Next Generation Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Deployments with the Zixi SDVP as Universal Video Gateway – Zixi’s CRO Eunice Park will be moderating a panel discussion on the cost efficiencies, performance enhancements and business agility that software defined video networks enable

“Zixi is incredibly excited to be returning to in-person meetings with the NAB community. These last two years have seen tremendous adoption of IP video distribution by our customers and partners, with numerous innovations that have transformed the company,” said Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO, Zixi. “2021 saw us end with continued record results as the industry transitions video operations to more cost efficient, autonomous, agile and ecologically sustainable technology methods that Zixi is committed to enabling. We’re proud to be continuing to provide the innovation, technology and support that our customers expect of us.”


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