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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Encore Builds Ecosystem for 40+ Aged Creators

The Encore creator community is offering a new platform for creators from around the world aged 40 years and older. Since 2020, several innovation accelerators, such as AppWorks Accelerator, Google Project Hatcher, and Draper, have guided the platform and offered their assistance.

Targeted at an older demographic, the platform helps stimulate private traffic, converting it into guided shopping through a complete SaaS service solution. In 2023, the company’s first international destination will be the United States, a country with a mature population. Encore recently participated in the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada to exhibit the results of their private traffic activation (Traffic Reborn) and their 40+ community platforms.

Jingle Lin, the founder of the Encore creator ecosystem, observed that “while mature creators account for only 2% of creators globally, they are the most undervalued group in the creator economy. With rich life experiences under their belt, they have various ideas and personalities, making them well-suited to various products.”

According to the company, the platform allows 40+ creators, cultivated and matched with different brands and products, to use images and text related to daily life, as well as personal recommendations, to attract consumers and boost private traffic for brands, successfully converting their traffic into sales. This private traffic, a more consumer-centric approach to marketing, comes from Encore’s Traffic Reborn system, which enables creators/brands to discover and reach out to individual consumers with directed and customised offers.

The company says that, as it has become increasingly difficult to accurately advertise using public traffic in recent years, advertisers have faced higher customer acquisition costs. To reduce costs, they have turned to self-built private domains. Therefore, to increase the interaction of users with various brands and increase the conversion rates of guided shopping, Encore has developed a SaaS system (Software-as-a-Service) to provide customisable services for each brand. In the future, brands can use Encore backend services to select suitable templates for private traffic marketing and achieve Traffic Reborn, private user activation. Currently, 25% of creators have been matched to different brands and converted private traffic to successful orders.

Founder Lin adds: “Encore sees that creators and advertisers share the common goal of finding content and a mechanism that can effectively attract, convert, and keep customers coming back. Through Encore’s unique complete SaaS service solution, we build a bridge for both sides to create a win-win situation. The easily reproducible functions of the SaaS services can be used in the United States to help other overseas companies solve the problem of inactive user pools that cannot be converted through guided shopping to make profits.”

Encore’s App can be found on the Apple Store at


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