Sunday, April 14, 2024

TikTok Creative Assistant Integration with Adobe Express

Adobe and TikTok have announced first-of-its-kind integration with TikTok’s Creative Assistant, that makes conceiving, creating and optimising video content for the platform quicker, easier and more effective. TikTok’s Creative Assistant is now available as an add-on in Adobe Express, the go-to tool for social content creation, providing a seamless TikTok content journey from idea to publication.

TikTok Creative Assistant is available now globally in English as an add-on in Adobe Express for both free and Premium users.

“The new Creative Assistant add-on in Adobe Express reduces the time, effort, and resources required to work across different platforms for each stage of the content ideation, creation, and distribution process,” said Stacy Martinet, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications, Adobe. “We see tremendous value in being the first to collaborate with TikTok’s Creative Assistant, bringing together our unique creative tools and their extensive knowledge of a highly engaged, global audience and platform, to help make content that delivers real business value for our customers.”

Creating content that is adapted to a platform’s unique style and audience is critical for success in a digital-first era. TikTok reports that when videos are optimised for their platform, 74% of viewers say the content stands out. And TikTok also reports that when brands create ads optimised for TikTok, they experience 3.3x more action in outcomes, driving significant clicks, likes, and shares compared to other platforms.

The Creative Assistant add-on for Adobe Express reduces the time, effort, and resources required to work across different platforms for each stage of the creative journey. Starting in Adobe Express, users have access to thousands of professionally-designed templates, Adobe Stock video clips, audio, stickers, and an Adobe Express TikTok video creator. The Creative Assistant add-on helps users ideate, generate creative ideas, and refine TikTok-first video content and best practices, trends, hashtags, and insights so that each post can better reach the right audiences with greater impact. And with just a few clicks, it’s simple to schedule and publish optimised content directly to TikTok—all without leaving Adobe Express. The TikTok Creative Assistant add-on for Adobe Express joins Adobe’s growing developer ecosystem, making it possible for developers and partners to build integrations that offer new innovations like generative AI, help users collaborate better together, and facilitate custom workflows for business.

“At TikTok, we are always finding innovative ways for brands, advertisers, and creators to create engaging, fun, and impactful content that resonates with the TikTok community,” said Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Marketing at TikTok. “We’re excited to integrate Creative Assistant within Adobe Express and help businesses seamlessly create TikTok-first campaigns within the platform they know and love. Having the ability to ideate, create, and post all within Adobe Express further enables businesses of all sizes to create for TikTok at scale.”


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