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    The timezone for all events listed here is Australian Eastern Time. Add two hours for New Zealand and subtract three hours for Southeast Asian timezones. While some online events are held at uncivilised hours, many of them are recorded for on-demand viewing.

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    AEQ Webinar – Routing and Mixing of Audio over IP for radio with AEQ & DANTE technology

    July 8, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    Join us on Wednesday, July 8, to a webinar where you will be able to see also the benefits of AoIP routing and mixing for radio installations with AEQ and DANTE technology.

    In this Free Webinar you will get basic knowledge about AoIP networks. We will show you real cases of AoIP radio installations around the world.

    Training will be provided by:
    – Sergey Alekseev, USA, CIS, Middle East and Africa AEQ Sales Manager.
    – Peter Howarth, Europe, UK, Italy and Special markets AEQ Sales Manager.
    – Roberto Tejero, AEQ’s Product Manager and Expert Traineer.

    With the special participation of Julian Carro, EMEA System Solution Account Director, Audinate.