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    September 8, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    With a population of 98 million people, Vietnam is a big market by any standard, and when it comes to video, it is a riot of the old and the new. Big FTA and Pay TV operators abound but the world of video streaming is particularly vibrant with local hotshots VieOn, MyTV, FPT Play, TV360, VTVGo, Danet, Galaxy Play, ClipTV and POPS Worldwide, to international players such as Netflix, HBO GO, iQIYI, WeTV and YouTube, all vying to raise their competitiveness and win the hearts of local consumers.

    Join us at Vietnam in View on 8 September as we talk with the players who are shaping the market, understand where TV and Video is today and where it is going in the coming years. Among other subjects we will discuss:

    The Future of Television – The New Business Models of Today
    How are Pay TV Platforms Reinventing Themselves in this Age of Transformation?
    VOD Streaming – How is it Upending the Market?
    Taking the Consumer Experience on Video Streaming to the Next Level
    The Rise of AVOD in Vietnam
    The Pernicious Problems of Piracy