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    Timezone note: Physical events are listed with local venue dates and times while virtual/online events are listed according to Australian Eastern Time. Add two hours for New Zealand and subtract three hours for Southeast Asian timezones. While some online events are held at uncivilised hours, many of them are recorded for on-demand viewing.

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    QVidium – Pioneer in IP Video Transport and Error Correction

    July 1, 2020 @ 4:00 am - 5:00 am

    If you are transporting video over the internet, join us on Tues 30 Jun at 11:00 Pacific to learn the latest from QVidum, the inventors of ARQ.

    The Internet Video Problem:
    The Internet was never designed for Video

    “Best-Effort” Transport Only
    No Prioritization
    Routers Drop Packets to Alleve Congestion
    Dynamic Load Balancing Reorders Packets
    Traffic is either UDP or TCP

    UDP Transport is Real-Time, but Lossy
    No Inherent Packet Recovery
    No Guarantees on Packet Order
    TCP Uses Positive Acknowledgement Packet Recovery
    Not Real-time: Pauses for Unrecoverable Packets
    Max Bitrate Limited by Distance & Node Hops
    The Internet Video Solution: ARQ – Automatic Repeat Request

    Automatic Repeat reQuest
    Feedback Requests Resending Lost Packets
    Receiver Delay to Allow Time for Recovery
    Add Receiver Buffer to Create Delay
    More Resilience → Larger Buffer
    Lower Latency → Smaller Buffer
    Capable of 100% Recovery
    Capable of Full Recovery with Large Loss %
    Zero Overhead on a Clean (Lossless) Network