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    Supply Chain & Sourcing: IP Issues Across the Production Chain

    February 18, 2021 @ 3:00 am - 4:00 am

    The AES Audio Product Education Institute (APEI), an initiative launched in January 2020 by the Audio Engineering Society to focus on promoting methodologies, practices and technologies involved in developing and bringing audio products to market, will host its fifth online event addressing Supply Chain & Sourcing on Wednesday, February 17 (12:00pm EST). This webinar will address the vital concerns of brand and Intellectual Property protection. The discussion will include advice on how brands can safeguard their reputation when sourcing and dealing with suppliers, how manufacturers can ensure their critical IP is protected all the way across the supply chain, and what intellectual property strategies should be implemented by inventors, entrepreneurs and emerging companies.

    In this new webinar, part of a series presented by supply chain and sourcing experts David Lindberg (DB Enterprises) and Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific), the focus will be on the pressing issues surrounding the protection of Intellectual Property while navigating the production chain and getting products to market. The webinar will feature three leading experts with unique perspectives on the topics of counterfeiting, authentication, and legal protection: Mark A. Rinehart (White Horse Laboratories) presenting on the topic “Protecting Your Business IP… and Reputation”; Alfons Futterer (NanoMatriX International), discussing “Advanced Anti-Counterfeiting Materials”; and David Postolski, Esq. (Gearhart Law), sharing his experience about “Securing your IP and Protecting your Brand.”

    Mark A. Rinehart is the founder and managing director at White Horse Laboratories (, a Hong Kong-based, USA-owned and operated, ISO-certified electronics service provider located at the epicenter of the global electronics industry. Founded in 2004 to fight the global proliferation of counterfeit electronics, White Horse has evolved to become a turnkey electronics service and solution provider. Rinehart will discuss the topic of counterfeiting and fraudulently represented product across the supply chain.

    Alfons Futterer is the Managing Director at NanoMatriX International Limited (, a global resource of anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, authentication and traceability technologies. The company is positioned as a trusted global security provider to Fortune 500 companies, governments, central banks, high security printers, and international brands. Futterer will share his experience on protecting the authenticity of ingredients used in production, and profiling a brand’s risk exposure to counterfeits, parallel trading and production overruns.

    David Postolski, Esq., is a partner at Gearhart Law LLC (, a firm offering professional legal services across the world from its offices in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. The firm provides expert advice and consultation services from leading patent lawyers, trademark lawyers, and copyright lawyers. As a frequent speaker and author on intellectual property issues surrounding emerging technologies and licensing, Postolski is in a unique position to explain the potential legal challenges faced by inventors, creators, artists, start-ups, entrepreneurs, early-stage companies and emerging companies.

    The AES Audio Product Education Institute’s Supply Chain and Sourcing Webinar #5 is part of an ongoing and multi-faceted event series that underscores the AES’s commitment to providing its membership and the industry at large with timely real-world information. Guest presentations will be followed by Q&A discussion time with attendees.