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Friday, May 31, 2024

Audioarts Voice 1 Processor from Wheatstone

IBC 2023 will see Wheatstone highlight its new Audioarts Voice 1 processor, combining the latest in processing and scalability with proven algorithms for a warm, yet robust vocal presence.

Like Wheatstone’s line of mic and audio processors, Voice 1 features asymmetrical voice correction, optimised high-frequency EQ, targeted filtering, and sophisticated psychoacoustic algorithm technology. It uses high-quality 24-bit A/D converters for no undesirable colouration as well as proprietary Super Quiet mic preamps for a low noise floor, wide-open dynamic range, faithfully accurate transients, and ruler-flat frequency response — all in an affordable, half-rack unit.

Voice 1 supports a variety of microphones with high input impedance, high available gain, and 32dB of input headroom—comparable to recording consoles. Voice 1 is a WheatNet IP audio network device with routable I/O and logic control.

Wheatstone will also feature its Audioarts LiON FM audio processor which incorporates advanced audio processing algorithms in a half-rack sized unit.

To deliver airy highs, a smooth midrange, and deep lows, Wheatstone’s newest FM/HD audio processor uses advanced multi-band AGC and limiting/clipping algorithms developed specifically for today’s source content and listening devices.

The Audioarts LiON includes stereo enhance, RDS generator and power controller for compliance with the ITU BS.412 stereo modulation standards, among other features.

Voice 1, LiON and Wheatstone’s line of WheatNet IP audio network console surfaces, devices and Layers cloud software will be at stand 8.C91 during the IBC show.


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