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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Automated Metadata Management for StreamGuys Contribution Network

Pioneering streaming and podcast solutions provider StreamGuys comes to IBC (on the ENCO stand, 8.C73) with new automated metadata management features for its StreamGuys Contribution Network, an enterprise-level streaming media ecosystem that helps customers move self-produced, locally originated, and/or third-party media content onto the public internet for end user consumption. The updates include an extension of audio ad triggers to expand monetisation opportunities beyond the preroll stage, and new metadata source switching capabilities for content localisation.

Beginning at the origination point, the StreamGuys Contribution Network offers an efficient on-ramp to reliably move content onto CDN streaming services or social media platforms, manage bitrates and protocols, and republish or rebroadcast content in new places and new forms. The StreamGuys Contribution Network solution brings proven StreamGuys streaming and SaaS toolsets together to achieve these goals, including recently announced workflow conversion tools that convert video streams to audio and vice versa. That includes the ability to identify and preserve SCTE-35 ad markers from HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streams, and convert them to ID3 metadata markers for server-side audio midroll insertions.

New for IBC, StreamGuys has enabled the continuation of ID3 metadata further downstream to support server-side midroll insertions. “This simplifies the production workflow that traditional TV broadcasters use to automatically create and repurpose audio-only feeds of live TV programming for web streams and podcasts by removing manual conversion stages and auxiliary hardware further downstream,” said Eduardo Martinez, Vice President of Technology for StreamGuys. “It also raises our value proposition for stream monetisation by applying our proven midroll insertion capabilities for radio broadcasters to our Contribution Network Service, which caters to a wider variety of media and entertainment companies including TV and OTT broadcasters, sports networks and publishing businesses.”

Timothy Labelle, Broadcast Streaming Specialist at StreamGuys, shares that strengthening ad insertion capabilities in the Contribution Network Service provides customers with a reliable way to standardise their ad triggers in diverse metadata scenarios. “Organisations that broadcast both audio and video content experience greater consistency and reliability across when it comes to automatically identifying their SCTE-35 and ID3 metadata markers without the need for separate encoders,” he said.

Labelle adds that StreamGuys has also incorporated stronger content localisation capabilities into its Contribution Network Service, including geo-targeting and geo-location services that media and entertainment companies increasingly require for access control. Both services are part of StreamGuys’ SGcontrol solution, which offloads complex stream management and access control functions from broadcasters. Specifically, the geo-targeting applications allow users to deliver appropriate regionalised stream variants based on audience location, while geo-restriction services prevent audience members outside defined regions from accessing content.


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