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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Chyron Showcases Innovation with a Focus on Sports at IBC2023

Chyron has announced that its focus on sports solutions at IBC2023 will feature innovations across its product line, most notably within PRIME — Chyron’s powerhouse software platform supporting CG graphics, video walls, touch screens, venue control, clips, branding, and software-based switching — and within the award-winning Chyron LIVE all-in-one, cloud-native live video production platform. Exhibiting on Stand 7.A45 during IBC2023, Sept. 15-18 in Amsterdam, Chyron says it will demonstrate fresh functionality and added efficiencies that enable broadcasters and other live content producers to deliver more engaging live sports coverage more quickly than ever.

“Chyron is highly customer-centric, and development is driven by some of the most demanding sports broadcasts on the planet,” said Carol Bettencourt, vice president of marketing at Chyron. “By simplifying essential tasks and streamlining critical workflows, we’re giving operators more flexibility and freedom in crafting stories and experiences that resonate with fans. We look forward to showcasing these innovations at IBC2023.”

Superior Control and Data Management with PRIME: With its robust and unique data management and display capabilities across all data formats and sources, including scoreboards, stats providers, and tracking technologies, PRIME offers enhanced functionality tailored to the requirements of venues and sports broadcast workflows.

The PRIME 4.7 release introduced a powerful data table resource that makes it easier for sports networks and leagues to leverage large data sets to tell the story of a sporting event, significantly reducing the time needed to create league tables, team rosters, or dynamic player highlight templates. New additions to PRIME’s control panel creation toolbox enable users to make simplified playout interfaces, in turn revving up operations in the production truck or control room. New appearance and layout properties provide simple formatting of button size, position, and visuals, while a new base scene control resource enhances a designer’s experience for customising control when working with parent scene graphics. New shortcut keys for common sports operations, such as transferring or clearing all graphics from program to preview, add further efficiency to playout.

Innovations around data continue in the PRIME 4.8 release. Because industry-leading data providers such as Genius Sports and Sportradar have adopted JSON as the data format of choice for their data-connection APIs, JavaScript is becoming the scripting language of choice to parse, evaluate, and access data in live graphics. With its brand-new JavaScript Effect & Resource tool, PRIME 4.8 gives users an intuitive interface with which to import and edit scripts entirely within the platform — and effortlessly apply them as parameters at the object, scene, project, and application level. Accompanying the new JavaScript tools is a host of new settings for scripting sandboxing security.

PRIME’s new auto-follow features help designers to create complex graphics that adapt to varying stats, and a new virtual group effect binds separate scene object positions together for a one-time design of table graphics with changing rows and columns. Further enhancements include a date/time count-up mode and tools for determining the overlap of layer masks across back-to-back scenes. For automated productions driven by external updates or by Chyron’s Intelligent Interface (II) protocol, new message ranges in PRIME save hours of time by eliminating the need to design hundreds of graphics variations. Instead, designers create a single playout recall range that references a parent scene template.

For playout operators, the Replaceable Panel provides rapid edit access to text, images, and style values — and control over external updates and data-bindings. Support for multiple graphic subfolders makes it easy for broadcasters to drive a variety of sports productions from a single project, using identical numeric recalls for playout on every show.

Efficient, Unified Video Production with Chyron LIVE: For live production from anywhere and within any budget, Chyron LIVE delivers multiviewer touch vision mixing, broadcast-grade animated Chyron graphics, audio control, and illustrated replay, all accessible from an HTML browser by a single operator or a distributed team.

Chyron LIVE 1.5 will make its debut at IBC2023, featuring additional user control over the cloud environment and new sports-specific features. These new capabilities build on the power of LIVE 1.4, which introduced an AI-based instant replay tool that enhances production crews’ ability to create replay clips from live feeds. When the algorithm watches the camera inputs and recognises an interesting play, the platform generates a replay clip around that point of interest. For greater control and flexibility, users can manually adjust the start point of the AI-generated clip. This tool is especially powerful for productions with a single operator or few staff, who can effortlessly generate broadcast-grade replays while handling their other tasks.

An automatic replay transition effect and improvements to video telestration in LIVE 1.4 also make the management of telestration effects much more intuitive, allowing operators to adjust the pathing keyframes and effect duration and to delete specific effects from a saved clip without starting over. Live demos on Chyron’s IBC2023 stand will showcase these new capabilities in action.

Immersive Storytelling with the Chyron Portfolio: At IBC2023 Chyron will showcase other key products rounding out the company’s offering for sports. PRIME Video Walls supports any aspect ratio and pixel count, while PRIME Click Effects provides legendary venue control capabilities that make it easy to drive graphics to any in-studio or in-stadium display. Broadcasters, sports teams, and leagues can further enhance their storytelling capabilities with PAINT illustrated replay, as well as Virtual Placement for on-field virtual markers (down and distance, offsides) or virtual, regionalised advertising on the field, around the pitch, or on virtual billboards.

Addressing increasing demand for cloud workflows, Chyron works closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop and leverage cloud-native efficiencies. Chyron LIVE is platformed in an AWS environment, with other Chyron products available in the cloud as well.


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