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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Matrox, STAGETEC Show Control System for ST 2110 and IPMX IP Signal Management

Matrox Video and STAGETEC have announced a joint demonstration at IBC2023 (Stand 8.A95) to launch STAGETEC’s Stagenet 1.0 IP signal management control software, designed to simplify IP management. The demonstration, featuring Stagenet 1.0 and Matrox ConvertIP DRH converters in a 1 Gb/s network environment, will showcase how video professionals can navigate the intricacies of IP signal management and transition to IP operations without the need for network engineering expertise or a dedicated team to oversee the network infrastructure.

“People will realise that high-quality, low-latency installations can be deployed without requiring expertise. With Matrox ConvertIP and Stagenet, IP signal management becomes straightforward, eliminating the need for specialised staff,” commented Rehman Leigh, Stagenet Specialist, STAGETEC.

The Technology

Stagenet is a control software system designed to make IP signal management user-friendly through an intuitive user interface. Behind the scenes, Stagenet manages various technical aspects of IP signal management, including:

  • Controlling network devices and signal flow.
  • Setting up stream format in IP senders.
  • Managing multicast addresses.
  • Setting up the IP receiver.
  • Controlling baseband-related parameters, such as microphone preamplifiers.
  • Monitoring all of the above.

Stagenet can also serve as a foundation for traditional broadcast control systems, allowing operators to delegate complex IP details to Stagenet.

Matrox ConvertIP baseband-to-IP converters facilitate the integration of new AV-over-IP technology, including JPEG XS and IPMX, into existing video infrastructure, capitalising on 1G workflows. This is ideal for an ultra-low-latency experience. ConvertIP Series devices support interoperable, flexible, and scalable IP-based video production, delivering lossless, zero-latency 4K signals across the network.

Together, Stagenet and ConvertIP offer the adaptability and scalability required to deploy high-quality, low-latency JPEG XS/ST 2110/IPMX IP video installations.

The Demo

In the demonstration featuring JPEG XS compressed video, Stagenet 1.0 will connect all video devices over a 1 Gb/s network. Visitors will observe how Stagenet 1.0 provides comprehensive control over Matrox ConvertIP units, which will manage video distribution across the entire stand. Beyond video screen management, Stagenet will seamlessly integrate all audio devices by STAGETEC and Merging Technologies across the stand and will also manage Arista switches, consolidating components into a unified system. Through Stagenet’s user-friendly browser-based user interface with automatic detection, attendees can effortlessly add new devices without technical expertise. Stagenet prioritises user convenience.

“Broadcast engineers are exploring ways to successfully incorporate ST 2110 into their operations,” stated Daniel Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager, Matrox Video. “Now they can efficiently convert, monitor, mix, integrate, and manage both IP and baseband signals with the synergy of Stagenet management and Matrox ConvertIP.”

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