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Maxon Returns to IBC 2023 with Standout Roster of Creatives

Maxon’s IBC lineup features an impressive group of talented artists and in-house trainers who will demonstrate their workflows using Maxon One.

Maxon, developers of professional 3D software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists and creators of all types, is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting the latest updates to the Maxon One product line at the 2023 IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 15th – 18th (booth 7.A27).

As always, Maxon’s IBC lineup will feature compelling presentations from a diverse group of talented artists and studios. Presentations will showcase artists’ work on a variety of projects for film, games, TV, advertising, live events and more. In addition to useful tips and tricks, presenters will also be demonstrating how they use Maxon One as part of their unique workflows.

“The Maxon team is excited to return to IBC and delighted to be joined by a fantastic selection of creative pros in Amsterdam,” says David McGavran, Maxon CEO. “Industry events provide the community with a space to reconnect and learn from one another. Our presenters offer an abundance of inspiration as well as technical skill that is truly off the charts. Just as important are the many serendipitous moments that wouldn’t happen anywhere else.”

Presenters at Maxon’s IBC 2023 Booth:

Andy Needham is a UK-based motion designer with nearly 20 years of experience. He has worked on projects for major brands such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Pepsi. In addition, he has been an established trainer in the motion design industry for the past nine years, creating professional educational resources, including tutorials and courses. Andy will talk about how he uses Cinema 4D’s Pyro and Volume Builder features, as well as ZBrush and rendering in Redshift.

Anna Natter is a 3D artist with 18 years design experience, whose work is focused on digital art, 3D design and branding. She is a Substance 3D design evangelist at Adobe and shares educational video tutorials.

Bas Hemlig, the co-founder of Tiny Giants, is a craftsman in his art and 3D is his way of expressing reality in new perspectives and dimensions. In his presentation, Bas will explore the creative freedom in abstract art and precision in technical models within Cinema 4D, transforming possibilities into reality. He will also dive into some of his studio’s commercial productions and show some of the work they have created.

Bastien Genbrugge studied agro and biotechnology in Ghent and later got his master’s degree in graphic design in Antwerp. He is an experienced motion designer and serves as co-founder and creative director at Studio Plankton.

Carolin Kattermann and Timo Ott will be representing, a creative studio that develops unique animations and immersive experiences for clients, including Mercedes, Universal Music, Audemars Piguet and Porsche. Carolin and Timo will share a comprehensive breakdown of their studio’s CGI design and production pipeline. They will also talk about how they use AI for the ideation phase and provide a step-by-step walkthrough of their workflow using Cinema 4D and Redshift, with a special highlight on the capabilities of Cloth Dynamics.

Chad Perkins is an award-winning filmmaker and author, and a visual effects and motion graphics artist. He is on the board of managers for the Washington chapter of the Visual Effects Society and posts free tutorials and software training on his YouTube channel, Movies and Computers. Chad is also a senior trainer at Maxon.

Christina Worner and Ana Aguiar are the founder and senior creative producer, respectively, at Dada Projects. As a women-led studio in a male-dominated industry, Dada Projects challenges convention while introducing a fresh perspective on visual storytelling. Relying mainly on Cinema 4D, Dada Projects’ work encapsulates imagination and the ability to seamlessly blend mundane objects with surreal digital landscapes. Christina and Ana will offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of their favorite projects, shedding light on production processes, software and obstacles.

Daniel Balzer and Niko Tziopanos will be representing Cannon + Sparrows, a creative studio working in the fields of moving image, interactive design and game development. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in game creation, creative direction, motion graphics, visual effects, concept and digital art, illustration and animation. Niko is an experienced 3D generalist, as well as a motion and live-action director with over 20 years of professional experience. They will be presenting workflows for creating and animating game assets to be used in Unreal Engine 5.x and Cinema 4D.

Dušan Vukcevic is a self-taught 3D artist with over 15 years of experience in the CG industry. Specializing in architectural visualizations and animations, he collaborates with world’s top creative studios and companies from his small studio in a remote part of Slovenia. Dušan will talk about how he used Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Redshift and Red Giant tools for his latest project, “The Lifer.” He will also share how he applies photographic aspects to his projects, while focusing on creative lighting and photorealism.

Elly Wade, aka Maxon’s resident AI, is a trainer and 3D workflow specialist on the Maxon Training Team. With a passion for teaching through live training sessions, quick tips and hands-on workshops, Elly specializes in Cinema 4D and Redshift and loves to inspire students and professional creatives along any part of their 3D journey.

Hanna Nordholt has been an animation filmmaker since 1985. Her work focuses on the relationship between science and art, society and media. She is a Cinema 4D Certified Master Trainer, and is a lecturer in 3D animation, character design and animation at MetFilm school. In her presentation, Hanna will talk about using Cinema 4D for visual music and music video clips, and she’ll cover how she uses features like the Sound Effector, Dynamics, Cloth, Pyro and many more to create unique visuals and think outside of the box.

Jeroen Grondijs and Thomas Drenth are 3D animators and artists from Sensu, a visual marketing agency for science and innovation. With a mission to elevate world-changing innovations into visual experiences, they create eye-catching 3D animations, branding, web design and film for their clients who are focused on biotech and clean energy. Jeroen, a 3D animator, and Thomas, Sensu’s head of animation, will offer a behind-the-scenes look at a recent medical project, “The Beauty of Neuroscience.”

Jonas Pilz is currently a software evangelist and Cinema 4D master trainer at Maxon who frequently gives Cinema 4D and Redshift workshops and does presentations on Maxon One tools and features at events. Before joining Maxon in 2015, Jonas was a 3D generalist working in industrial visualization and motion graphics.

Josh Thorpe and Pamela Gray join from Territory Studio, a creative team that draws on expertise in narrative-led creative design to imagine, realize and build new worlds. Josh is a 3D artist and motion designer with more than 12 years experience across advertising, titles and film and is Territory’s 3D lead in London. Pamela is a senior motion designer from Glasgow, who is driven by a love of creating style frames and finding new ways to combine 2D and 3D techniques, her work focuses primarily on concept and look development for motion projects across film, brand and creative tech.

Keanu Visuals (@keanu.visuals) is a filmmaker, editor and director with an extensive background in the film and video industry. Across various social media platforms, he uses his expertise to educate and inspire an audience of over 270,000. Keanu’s mission is to empower creatives by leveraging technology, simplifying complex editing concepts and showcasing impactful filmmaking techniques.

Maximus Raharjo is a resident colorist and trainer at Maxon based in Germany. He is also an International Colorist Academy instructor, as well as a certified Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve trainer. Max is on a mission to help creatives build sustainable color grading knowledge by demystifying complicated technical details into bite-size chunks so artists can have fun finding their unique style when grading.

Nicolas Dehaut is a creative director and motion designer from Liège Belgium. He started as a 2D/3D generalist in Brussels in 2005, and later became director of animation commercials for various advertising companies. He co-founded Aftertouch Studio in 2014 and has worked on various TV, cinema, documentaries and corporate films. In his presentation, Nicolas will focus on his workflow from concept to style frames and explain how he relies on Cinema 4D and Redshift.

Ploy Motion is a motion graphic designer and animator based in London. She has worked on many types of projects, including motion graphics and animation for film, broadcast, social content, web, artwork installations and live events. She will share tips and tricks in Cinema 4D and After Effects, showcasing creative and innovative ways to problem solve and create the animation you want by faking it.

Robert Hranitzky is a motion designer and filmmaker based in Munich, Germany. With a keen eye for good design, motion graphics and animation, he has worked on an impressive range of projects, from visually captivating opening titles to engaging showroom trailers, feature films and recently his very own Star Wars Fan Film.

Simona Todorova works in the game industry as a junior 3D artist and has a bachelor’s degree in VFX and 3D production. She also has experience with VFX and loves creating stylized 3D artwork with ZBrush and 2D blended elements using Krita. Her presentation will focus on the development, inspiration and pipeline of creating illustration images using a mix of 2D and 3D techniques, including sculpting in ZBrush.

Tobias Van Der Meer is a senior 3D artist working in the games industry, specializing in stylized art with a love for hand painting. For his presentation, Tobias will cover how his team at Little Chicken uses ZBrush to create assets for games.


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