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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

MOG Brings Future-Proof Media Management Solutions to IBC 2023

MOG Technologies is set to unveil its cutting-edge offerings at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023. With a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning Multicloud, Hybrid, and On-Prem environments, MOG empowers media professionals to simplify their workflows and embrace the future of media management.

Streamlining Media Workflows with MAM4PRO

A flagship in MOG’s arsenal, the MAM4PRO solution incorporates AI-driven object recognition algorithms that accurately identify and categorise objects within video frames. This technology also encompasses advanced scene detection algorithms, enabling precise video segmentation and cataloguing based on contextual shifts.

Its AI-Driven Object Recognition includes:

  • Accurate identification of objects within video frames
  • Categorisation of objects based on their features
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Scene detection
  • Face recognition
  • Age prediction

Metadata Enhancement includes:

  • Speech-to-text transcription
  • Language detection
  • OCR for text extraction
  • Auto-tagging and keyword suggestion
  • Timecode generation

World-First VVC/H.266 Integration

MOG’s integrated solutions, now fully incorporate Main Concept’s VVC/H.266 technology, bringing enhanced compression and superior visual fidelity to broadcast and OTT applications. Features include:

  • Cloud-Enabled VVC Live Streaming: Real-time 8K60 streaming with MainConcept VVC, providing immersive visual quality for broadcasting and streaming.
  • Future-Proof Flexibility: Engineered for 8K and beyond, effortlessly handling 4K and lower resolutions to meet evolving video needs.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Extend VVC’s power beyond entertainment, benefiting medical, digital signage, ad tech, gaming, and virtual reality industries with exceptional quality and performance.
  • Seamless Cloud Deep Archive for Long-term Security

Cloud Deep Archive

Seamlessly manage and safeguard your valuable media assets through a secure Cloud Archiving service, ensuring reliable, long-term storage and easy accessibility. Features include:

  • Robust Data Security: Top-tier encryption and redundancy measures ensure the utmost protection for your archived content.
  • Intuitive Media Management: Easily organise and categorise media assets, streamlining retrieval from cloud storage.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Optimise archive workflows and reduce storage costs with Deep Cloud Archive, without compromising data integrity.
  • Effortless Data Migration: Smooth and automated migration, namely LTO tapes and Deep-Archive to Cloud Archiving.

Remote Dailies Rough-Cut

With a user-friendly remote interface, field teams can grant seamless access to all footage captured on the day, enabling editors to rough-cut and select only the essential content via proxy. This results in significant reductions in storage expenses, time-saving benefits, and cost-effectiveness for your projects. Features include:

  • Proxy-Based Access and Trimming: Utilise proxies to access, trim, and transfer only the necessary files, significantly reducing data traffic and storage requirements.
  • Cost-Effective Traffic and Storage: By optimising data transfer and minimising storage needs, you can experience substantial cost savings.
  • Efficient Time Management

Built-In Instant Replay

Capture the excitement of live events and sports by creating instant replays with no need for additional equipment. Whether it’s a crucial goal, a spectacular play, or a game-changing moment, you can clip these highlights in real-time during your live productions. Features include:

  • Clip Instant Replays in Real-time
  • Customisable Speed Controls & Slow-motion
  • Seamless live production integration

Cloud Native Meets Multicloud

Multicloud has become increasingly popular among enterprises as they seek to avoid the risks associated with relying on a single cloud vendor. By distributing workloads across multiple cloud providers, businesses gain substantial freedom and business continuity. Features include:

  • Portability via Microservices: Easy application movement across clouds, reducing lock-in risks.
  • Shadow IT Mitigation: Multicloud choice curbs unauthorised cloud usage.
  • No Single-Point Failure & Cost Savings


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