Monday, May 27, 2024

MOG Technologies Future-Proofs Media Production with VVC/H.266 Integration

MOG Technologies, the provider of end-to-end solutions for professional media, has announced the full integration of the MainConcept VVC/H.266 SDK into its MAM4PRO cloud media production platform.

MAM4PRO, MOG’s comprehensive native-cloud media production platform, offers innovative features designed to transform media production workflows, including AI-driven object recognition and metadata enhancement, production and orchestration, collaborative remote production, and comprehensive broadcast operations. Now, MAM4PRO can be fully deployed in a multi-cloud environment.

The integration of the MainConcept VVC/H.266 SDK into the MAM4PRO platform showcases the long-lasting, innovative partnership between MOG Technologies and MainConcept, a leading provider of video and audio codecs to the production, streaming and broadcast industries. This successful collaboration has led to MOG being the first company to enable VVC in a native-cloud media production environment.

The VVC/H.266 technology delivers unprecedented compression improvements of up to 40%, facilitating more efficient broadcast and OTT. This advancement not only accommodates the continuous evolution of digital video delivery but also promotes cost-effective and productive production workflows.

The VVC codec, engineered with an eye towards the future, offers robust flexibility in handling diverse resolutions. While 8K-optimised, it efficiently manages 4K and lower resolutions, ensuring media production can easily adapt to upcoming advancements in video quality and resolution demands.

Seamless integration of the VVC/H.266 codec with future-proof technologies, such as cloud deep archive, enables long-term cloud storage of media with minimal space requirements, courtesy of VVC’s efficient compression. This accessibly stored footage can be used for future broadcasts or repurposed content, providing a cost-effective solution for media archiving.

“With the integration of the VVC/H.266 codec, we offer our customers access to cutting-edge video processing technology. Its versatility and efficiency make it a future-proof solution that continues to add value as the media landscape evolves.” says Luís Miguel Sampaio, CEO at MOG Technologies.

“The way we consume video content is constantly evolving, perhaps never more so than at this moment in time. With VVC, our industry now has a codec specifically developed to handle the massive amount of data being created for distribution to a growing number of devices,” says Deacon Johnson, Senior Vice-President and General Manager at MainConcept. “We are pleased that MOG Technologies is spearheading the availability of the MainConcept VVC SDK, especially for such a vital area as native-cloud media production.”

This integration will be available to experience live at the IBC Show, at Hall 2, Booth #2.A32.


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