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NetOn.Live LiveOS Production Platform

At IBC 2023, located at booth 10.C10, NetOn.Live, a provider of live and remote IP production solutions, is showing the latest iteration of its LiveOS Production Platform. This software solution facilitates local, remote, and decentralised live media production, operating on COTS IT servers within a SMPTE 2110 video-over-IP network.

The LiveOS platform functions as a virtualised TV control room, empowering organisations to design and execute multiple concurrent productions spanning news, sports, entertainment, events, conferences, ingest, and MCR. The updated LiveOS platform introduces new specialised applications, features, and partner integrations, enabling organisations to design, configure, and launch multiple concurrent productions more efficiently.

Michel De Wolf, CEO of NetOn.Live, commented, “Our LiveConnect SMPTE 2110 network switch ensures that LiveOS supports seamless network switching, delivering the market’s lowest latencies combined with unparalleled, uncompressed video quality. Clients approach us with the expectation that a system should adapt to their unique requirements, rather than them having to adjust their production workflows to fit a system. LiveOS has been meticulously crafted to meet this exact need.”

LiveOS’s vast library of specialised media applications, rapid setup, and configuration capabilities, coupled with the effortless sharing of reusable resources, render it an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective solution. IBC attendees will be introduced to new applications, features, and partner integrations, including:

  • Dedicated Sports Application with a Newly Developed Control Panel: This allows operators to construct a flexible and shareable infrastructure for both local and remote sports production exclusively on the LiveOS platform. Features include a slomo/replay engine, remote commentary booth, HTML5 graphics engine, vision mixer with transitions, playlists, and recording. An innovative slomo panel tailored to contemporary sports productions will be showcased on the LiveOS demo pods.
  • UHD HDR: Now available across the entire LiveOS platform and its applications. Users can simultaneously run different 1080i or 1080p productions on the same platform.
  • Timers and Countdowns: A new Timer application enables users to create various time displays, including TC info, Up and Down Counters, Playlist counters, and more, with colour-changing capabilities based on user-set information.
  • Automated News Production: Seamless integration with existing Newsroom Control Systems (NRCS) is possible using the MOS Gateway and HTML plugin.
  • Partner Integrations: New additions to the list of integrated 3rd party solutions have been introduced, and to facilitate these integrations, a powerful new API has been added to the LiveOS solution.

De Wolf added, “The NetOn.Live team eagerly awaits the opportunity to present IBC attendees with a glimpse into the future of video-over-IP production without any compromises. We’re excited to showcase our latest innovations and engage in discussions about the challenges and objectives of upcoming productions.”

For more information, please visit https://www.neton.live

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