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New Actus Digital OTT and Remote Video Monitoring Solutions

Actus Digital, the solutions provider for compliance logging and intelligent broadcast and OTT monitoring, will introduce two new products along with enhancements to its Intelligent Monitoring Platform.

Actus Digital will showcase its entire product range at IBC 2023, which includes: compliance logging, technical monitoring for Quality Assurance, browser-based multiviewer, advanced clip editing and exporting to social and OTT, AI-based workflows such as automatic ad detection for competitive analysis, advanced searching based on speech to text and translation for news monitoring, rating analysis options, and more. Automation is a major part of the Actus system.

According to the company, its new OTT Monitoring solution, OTT StreamWatch is a game changer for OTT quality assurance. In addition to 24/7 quality assurance, it provides compliance logging, OTT stream monitoring, and aircheck recording of native HLS and other OTT ABR streams. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as part of the Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform – providing customers with a central interface. OTT StreamWatch makes it feasible to monitor FAST, IPTV, and OTT streaming channels throughout the entire workflow.

“OTT StreamWatch combines features that have never been in a solitary product before,” said Sima Levy, CEO of Actus Digital. “It clearly displays QoS information and users can easily evaluate bandwidth usage, streaming media download times, missing SCTE, manifest errors and buffering issues within OTT streams. And it summarises data so operators can recognise and address potential issues before they impact viewer quality.”

Another new product that will be displayed at IBC 2023 is Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) within the Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform. Designed as a quality assurance solution for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), the Actus RVM allows MVPDs to gain real-time insights into their viewers’ quality of service (QoS) and verify local ad insertion and timing. MVPDs can remotely connect to STBs at head ends, and hub sites can examine one channel at a time or the entire channel lineup via multiviewer monitoring and proactive QoS alerts. When Actus RVM is deployed at multiple probe points and/or in multiple locations, it shows how widespread an issue is and pinpoints the exact location it entered the video distribution workflow. This allows operators to rapidly identify, diagnose, and resolve QoS problems without costly truck rolls.

“IBC is a key exhibition for us,” explained Levy. “It’s an opportunity to meet our extensive customer and partner base, hear about requirements we should address, fill our colleagues in on the latest options to our system, and share different use cases, market trends, and industry changes as we see them. As an example, we’ve done significantly more installs lately with ST 2110 and SRT video formats. We see increased demand for OTT monitoring and AI-based workflows to enable faster response time and more efficient workflows that support high-volume systems.”

Actus will announce two major installations of its Intelligent Monitoring Platform to European media firms in the coming weeks. Both organisations have deployed the system for regulatory compliance recording/monitoring, ad verification, loudness monitoring, and other functions.

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