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Saturday, July 20, 2024

NOA to Preview jobDB 5.0 for Industrial Digitisation at IBC2023

NOA, a leading provider of professional archiving solutions, will use IBC2023 (Booth 7.C18) to showcase a sneak preview of version 5.0 of its jobDB workflow system; a platform to orchestrate the entire archival process across any kind and number of audio/video ingest stations and server-side tools, creating an effective industrial digitisation facility.

Building on the extensive management and QC elements attached to jobDB, version 5.0 sees the addition of a configurable Prompt Interface, which coordinates required daily activities and guides users through their day-to-day tasks, thus removing much of the complexity from the archiving process.

Task coordination is further enhanced through the addition of improved carrier tracking (especially in multisite operations, where jobDB can operate on both an on-prem and remote access basis), inventory processes, and the ability to bundle assets and carriers in intuitive and flexible ways.

“In operations where more than a thousand workflows are occurring each day, jobDB’s overview reports (including export to Excel) can be customised and optimised to ensure focus on what matters to processing engineers,” explains Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA.

Furthermore, a newly reworked audio assessment system with Traces Aided Spot (TAS) has been added – allowing checking of a one-hour recording in just 30 seconds, with analysis lane adapted to carrier type, and warning sections automatically indicated.

The new features are harmonised under a new GUI, which aims to make the archiving process more intuitive and efficient by regulating user permissions and adapting to individual user profiles and their preferred workflow patterns.

Kummer concluded: “jobDB 5.0 truly improves multi-site operation by combining on-prem with remote data access. The jobDB ControlCenter GUI, for example, runs through a dedicated light client accessing data via HTTPS in order to enable the connection of multiple facilities with a central preservation factory repository. We look forward to presenting a preview of all of these new features included in version 5.0 considering the benefits it introduces at both organisational and process management levels.”


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