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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Wireless AoIP Monitoring/Mixing for Multiple Operators

Professional AoIP solutions specialist, Nixer Pro Audio, is set to launch its new WL64-4 “base unit” at IBC (September 15-18, Rai, Amsterdam, stand 8.F93). Ideal for monitoring and mixing of Audio over IP (AoIP) sources from a Dante or Ravenna network, the WL64-4 uniquely connects wirelessly to four iPad tablets as standard whereby each operator can select and listen to sources independently, as well as creating their own individual mixes.

“This solution makes it much easier and quicker to identify audio sources using pictures and text displayed on an iPad,” explains Nick Fletcher, founder and CEO of Nixer Pro Audio.

“And, because up to four iPads can be simultaneously connected to a single WL64-4, it’s a cost-effective solution when it comes to monitoring and mixing sources during live events or reality TV shows, as well as audio logging for post-production package creation.”

Audio is wirelessly streamed to each iPad for local monitoring, freeing the director or producer from a dedicated hardware front panel display and equipment rack. The intuitive user interface also enables non-specialist operators to monitor and mix audio sources with minimal or no training.

Alongside the WL64-4, the enhanced Nixer Remote App will also be showcased at IBC, delivering new features that have been added as a direct result of operational feedback during high-profile beta testing on customer productions during the summer.

Each iPad has audio streamed wirelessly and is available on the internal speakers, headphone output or via Bluetooth.

Users can add “local” pictures and source names to each audio channel for easy and quick identification of performers, talent and other audio sources, ideal in environments such as reality TV shows, TV game shows or live sports where contestants and commentators change frequently.

Using a single WL64-4 base unit, up to four operators can create their own individual mixes on an iPad, which are then also made available on the Dante or Ravenna AoIP network.

“Away from traditional broadcast applications, the combined solution also opens up new capabilities in other sectors, including education – for example, university hospitals where audio from different operating theatres, surgeons or lecturers can be accessed – for live streaming or recording,” continues Fletcher. “Political conferences and corporate media organisations that require audio monitoring and mixing of multiple speakers is another use case. We believe this solution will inspire a host of new applications and provide efficiencies for many different industries.”


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