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Sunday, July 14, 2024

2022 Shows Unprecedented Demand for Digital Content

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is in the process of producing a new 2022 Digital Content Creation report. Its previous DCC reports have been exceptionally well received. JPR is announcing this to give the Digital Content industry an opportunity for interaction and input on this topic and make the report more focused on current challenges. The firm is also offering an early bird discount.

The report has three main sections: Markets, Service and Tool Providers, and Technology Trends. Markets is a view of the primary drivers of the M+E industry. JPR has found that the robust growth of entertainment forms and formats is creating an unprecedented demand for digital content.

“The projected demand growth from 2021-2025 far exceeds the supply as measured by the companies that provide services to create the content and the tools they use,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research.

The report will offer a detailed breakdown of the critical services that make up the content creation supply chain. JPR will describe and provide data for the current state of the businesses that offer the services and the companies that make the tools for those services. This data will include a current view of the technology stack of each service and how it will change in response to the growth in demand alongside the biggest challenges for scaling.

“One of our findings is that the current service providers and technology stack are attempting to evolve to meet the demand of multiple distribution platforms and have not yet taken full advantage of automation, AI, and the cloud. That represents an opportunity for tool suppliers and AI hardware providers,” said Chris Vienneau, Senior Vice President of M+E at JPR.


JPR also looked into the higher-level technology trends which are having an impact on the M+E industry. These are a set list of topics that back up the other two sections and are intended to be read as smaller articles/facts. JPR will detail things like open standards, cloud, AI, etc. M+E is not a key driver for much of the technology it uses and how that impacts its ability to innovate to meet the strained nature of its supply chain.

Early-bird Discount and Report Availability

Reserve your report today and receive a $1,000 early bird discount. The early bird discount reduces the price to $5,999 – this offer is good until February 15, 2022. JPR expects this report to be available by the end of March, and JPR hopes it can get into the budgeting cycle.


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