Monday, April 15, 2024

Aaron Lopez Named MD for Aspire Software’s Broadcast Vertical

Aspire Software, the operational arm of the Valsoft Corporation, has announced the appointment of Aaron Lopez as Managing Director for the Broadcast vertical. He will oversee three software companies within the portfolio.

A telecom engineer by the Universitat Politècnica of Catalunya, Aaron has more than fifteen years of experience in the sector. After previous professional endeavours, he joined VSN in 2010 and was appointed COO in 2014. From that moment, he became a cornerstone in the international consolidation and growth of the company’s media solutions, earning him the Managing Director designation in 2022.

With a proven record in the Broadcast & Media industry, Aaron Lopez brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his expanded role. As the current Managing Director of VSN, a leading provider of media management and workflow solutions, Aaron will now also assume the responsibilities of Managing Director for two other sister companies: Woody Technologies and M&I Broadcast Services, based in France and the Netherlands respectively.

Woody Technologies, a pioneering provider of media processing and content distribution solutions, is poised for further growth and innovation under Aaron’s guidance. His vast industry knowledge and strategic vision will ensure the seamless continuation of Woody’s commitment to delivering flexible and intuitive solutions to its customers.

Similarly, M&I Broadcast Services, a leading provider of cutting-edge radio and tv software solutions, will benefit from Aaron’s expertise and leadership. His appointment as Managing Director will further strengthen M&I Broadcast Services’ position as a trusted provider of advanced solutions tailored to the needs of the industry and support their internationalisation efforts.

“The opportunity to lead these exceptional companies is truly an honour,” said Aaron Lopez. “We’ve already been working together for a while now, and I’m excited about the projects and synergies we’re preparing, as well as very satisfied with the team’s expertise and collaborative spirit. This is a great opportunity for us to keep driving innovation and exceeding customer expectations in the B&M industry”.

Strategic Move for Aspire Software

The company says the integration of these three software providers within Aspire Software’s Broadcast vertical represents a strategic move to consolidate expertise, foster collaboration, and maximise synergies among the companies. By leveraging the collective strengths of VSN, Woody Technologies, and M&I Broadcast Services, Aspire Software aims to enhance its offering and provide comprehensive solutions.


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