Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Acquisition Opportunity: Camera and Software for Live Streaming and Video Conferencing

Silverwood has been retained as financial advisor for the sale of Project Move, a rapidly growing camera and software company targeting the live streaming and video conferencing markets. An executive summary is available here and additional information is available under a nondisclosure agreement.

  • High growth – 240 percent in revenue growth expected in 2020 from 2019; over 100 percent growth projected for 2021 and 2022.
  • Growing, profitable business would be highly accretive for acquiring company.
  • Camera and software platform optimised for live streaming and video conferencing.
  • Live streaming and video conferencing markets growing rapidly in COVID-19 environment as replacement for in-person meetings and events.
  • Company manages and controls all camera and app software development and hardware design with in-house team.
  • Established US market presence, growing and significant international opportunity.
  • Strong complement for provider of cameras, computer or mobile device accessories, gaming devices and accessories, and streaming or video conferencing services.
  • Opportunity to attach other revenue streams such as subscriptions, related media software functionality, other media and entertainment services and products.

Please contact me at if you have an interest in Project Move.


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