Monday, May 20, 2024

Agile Partners with RFE Broadcast for ANZ

A new partnership has been launched between RFE Broadcast and Agile Broadcast. Agile is now the exclusive distributor for RFE in both Australia and New Zealand.

Accoridng to Ian Thomson of Agile, “We’re delighted to announce this new partnership between Agile Broadcast and RFE Broadcast. Agile continues to seek out brands and products that provide the best features, reliability and excellent value for money. RFE Broadcast offer a comprehensive range of broadcast radio transmitters combined with excellent product support, this ticks every box for our customers. The FM Transmitters utilise the latest LD-MOS technology and are packed with standard features that are only options on nearly every other brand – these devices are excellent value to purchase and provide excellent value in running costs.”

RFE is based in Padova, Italy and started life in the early 1970s when the President Luciano Ditadi started his first transmitter manufacturing company. In 2015 Luciano Ditadi founded RFE Broadcast in order to continue the international approach to the broadcast world, producing FM & TV transmitters, antennas, radio links, audio over IP links and amplifiers.

RFE transmitters range from 30 Watts to as high as 40kW with all models featuring:

  • The highest overall efficiency at >73%
  • Colour touchscreen as standard
  • Web TCP/IP remote control board inside
  • Remote control through mobile app
  • SNMPv1 board inside
  • Intelligent Air Cooling System (IACS), a system developed by the RFE laboratories that regulates the amount of cooling air according to the environmental conditions and the needs of the transmitter. IACS reduces energy spent on cooling by up to 40%.
  • 6th LD-MOS Generation VSWR 65:1
  • Two Years Standard Warranty


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