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AI and 5G in TVU Networks’ Industry Trends Report for 2023

TVU Networks, a market leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, analysed usage data across thousands of users of its products from this past year to identify major trends in its yearly reporting of the industry. Among the key findings for the year, AI-driven use is being adopted more regularly and frequently, remote production applications continue to be relied upon for coverage, and 5G use for video transmission reached a milestone.

Leading Live Video Content Provider Sees Acceleration in AI Adoption and Continued Growth in Remote Production as Top Trends for Broadcasters.

In 2022, video ingest saw a significant leap as compared to the prior year based on usage metrics from AI-based TVU Search across news, entertainment and sporting events. Not only has usage continued in 2023, but the number of daily interactions associated with TVU Search by users has also increased dramatically by 1200% over the past year. TVU Search is a cloud-native application that provides live video content ingest and discovery. It features content search capabilities based on advanced AI algorithms and automation, allowing users to locate live or archival feeds or clips for immediate playout, download, or distribution.

“The robust daily use of TVU Search suggests that the use of AI for rapid content identification and clipping is becoming an acceptable part of everyday use such as for story creation,” remarked Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “We introduced TVU Search with AI a few years ago based on our customers needing a faster, easier, and more efficient way of locating relevant content for coverage. It’s now an integral part of the cloud-based TVU ecosystem for live production.”

Tools designed for remote production also continued to be popular for broadcast enterprises this past year. TVU’s cloud-based ecosystem for video coverage of news, events, and other live applications saw a rise in overall use including for content acquisition and production compared to the prior year. For example, TVU Anywhere experienced a 400% increase based on data throughput by users for the live video mobile app. TVU Producer saw a more than 130% increase in the number of monthly users actively using the platform for cloud-based live production.

“We have seen the strong trend of broadcasters transitioning to cloud-based remote production workflows which started a few years, and it continued throughout 2023,” said Shen. “With viewer media consumption habits constantly changing, the need for scalable, cost-effective, fast deployment, and easy to use tools is at the top of everyone’s media supply chain wish list going into next year.”

Added Shen,”We continue to also invest in our portable transmission backpack units. For the first time, usage of our packs on 5G outpaced 4G/LTE in data and hours used as broadcasters began relying more heavily on the newer mobile network.”


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