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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Amagi ADS PLUS Streamlines CTV Ads with FAST Deals Marketplace

Amagi ADS PLUS, the premium CTV advertising marketplace from the global SaaS technology provider for Connected TV and Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) services, Amagi, has launched FAST Deals, a curated programmatic marketplace which it says will enhance the advertiser buying experience across FAST services.

As consumer engagement with FAST services continues to soar, advertisers face the challenge of navigating a fragmented ecosystem to target audiences at scale within premium, relevant environments. FAST Deals marketplace from Amagi ADS PLUS is designed to simplify and enhance the advertising experience for buyers, content owners, and programmatic exchanges.

FAST Deals launches with more than a dozen curated programmatic inventory bundles that address the most commonly targeted CTV inventory, including news, sports, entertainment, seasonal and tentpole events, U.S. Spanish-language programming, and DEI-focused packages. These bundles are underpinned by Amagi ADS PLUS’ partnerships across a breadth of leading content owners and FAST innovators. FAST Deals is currently available across leading programmatic CTV exchanges in North America.

“We’re seeing a big spurt in growth — among viewers and advertisers — for FAST programming. One key reason for this is the sector’s focus on premium, high-quality and niche content,” said Emily Bromley, VP, Growth, FreeWheel. “By teaming up with Amagi, we hope to better connect buyers in today’s TV ad landscape with quality, transparent, relevant and curated content — with consumers in the FAST space.”

James Smith, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Amagi ADS PLUS, commented: “Advertisers keep asking for ways to go bigger on key audience segments and contextual environments but are often confined by the complexity of running and measuring the same target across so many publishers. At Amagi, our products power the FAST channel programming, playout, and ad insertion for over 3,800 publishers, reaching over 200 million CTV households. This puts us very close to the stream and allows us to leverage our platform metadata and scale to give brands a single destination for the reach they desire on key audience segments in a suitable and premium environment.”

Amagi ADS PLUS and the FAST Deals marketplace are built on the foundation of Amagi’s industry-leading FAST platform, which currently facilitates content creation, distribution, and ad insertion across more than 110 million hours of viewing and more than 1 billion ad impressions. ADS PLUS leverages Amagi’s extensive relationships with premium CTV content owners to establish an advertising marketplace that bridges the gap between content creators and leading advertisers.

Key Features of FAST Deals by Amagi ADS PLUS:

  • Enhanced Relevancy: Leveraging Amagi’s end-to-end FAST platform, ADS PLUS possesses unparalleled insight into content metadata, enabling precise and granular inventory packaging for advertisers.
  • Transparency and Quality: Accurate and readily available content metadata provides advertisers with unprecedented transparency into ad placements, while ADS PLUS inventory curation ensures adherence to all standard industry supply parameters.
  • Exclusivity: Through direct and comprehensive relationships with content owners, Amagi ADS PLUS offers unique and exclusive inventory across diverse verticals, providing advertisers with unparalleled opportunities.
  • Flexibility in Access: ADS PLUS provides buyers with the flexibility to access FAST Deals via their preferred programmatic exchanges.

Amagi ADS PLUS FAST Deals is now available for activation.


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