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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

An Update From IMAGO’s President…

Dear Members of IMAGO,

Thank you very much for welcoming me to the IMAGO family. Ten days ago, we had my first board meeting, and I look forward to helping the organisation grow and gain relevance on many of the crucial issues for us cinematographers. These times are trying and challenging, and if there is ever a time to come together, it is now. Besides the immediate issues of the COVID pandemic, we need to look forward. Monitoring changes that are implemented because of the pandemic that will not get reversed when we return to normal. The looming economic situation in the world will also affect our future. I encourage you to communicate within IMAGO your observations in all these areas so we can spread the word and work collaboratively on the present and future.

Below are the bullet points of the discussions on the Board for your review. Going forward, we will have monthly board meetings followed with a brief report of the topics to our member societies. I encourage you also to take a look at the board agenda, published at the same time, and comment or add topics. The goal is to further settle on the new statutes and the enlarged Board by the end of this year.

Best regards,

Kees van Oostrum – IMAGO President

New IMAGO Logo and Branding

IMAGO is now flying a new IMAGO logo. The IMAGO General Assembly instructed the Board to present a proposition for a new logo and branding. Intended to be introduced at the Brussels IAGA, but due to the shortening of IAGA, the new logo was sent out to all members for review. All societies that replied approved the new logo, and it will be implemented in all IMAGO areas, websites, newsletters, and social media.

SONY Support To Worldwide Cinematographers and Creatives

SONY has allocated 100.000 Euros, which, in collaboration with IMAGO, will be divided amongst all IMAGO member societies with equal shares, regardless of size and full or associate members. North America and Japan are excluded from IMAGO as separate support initiatives are planned. The funds are earmarked to assist cinematographers in need.

The intention is that the Society who receives the support will aid their members in the difficult COVID-19 situation, either by making arrangements or giving out smaller grants to members in need.

Since there are many member societies in IMAGO, it will mean about 1600 Euros for each member society, still very generous and important support from SONY. The IMAGO administration will very soon contact you to arrange for the SONY support to arrive at your bank account. We ask you kindly to send an e-mail to with your society’s bank account details and stating your local currency.

IMAGO is very grateful to SONY for this valuable support for our members.

New IMAGO Board and Administration Structure

The new IMAGO Board consists of:

Kees van Oostrum ASC NSC SBC AIC, President, Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC, Elen Lotman ESC, Alex Lindén FSF, Predrag Bambic SAS and Ron Johanson ACS.

The IMAGO administrative team consists of Roger Simonsz BSC, IMAGO Treasurer, Viola Laske BVK, IMAGO Financial Controller, Cristina Busch, IMAGO Legal Advisor, Oli Parry, Webmaster/Newsletter Editor and Paul René Roestad FNF who will continue in an advisory position.

New IMAGO Office

The new office in Brussels has been moved into and an IMAGO secretary will be employed. In this office, IMAGO has access to meeting rooms and future Board and IMAGO meetings will be held there. FERA (the European Federation of Film Directors) and several other creatives organisations are located there.


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