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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Ateliere Names Global Advisory Board to Advance Streaming Industry

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a cloud-native content supply chain and distribution platform, has announced its enhanced advisory board comprised of top entertainment, streaming and technology leaders.

The advisory board will participate in guiding Ateliere’s CEO’s vision of creating the industry’s first cloud-native platform that manages the entire content workflow – from concept to consumer. The board will also continue to build and strengthen relationships with content and streaming partners to drive growth and expansion. The advisors include Bill Admans, Wendy Aylsworth, Mitchell Berman, Jon Bond, Jon Christian, Naomi Climer CBE, Chris Cookson, Vincent Pizzica, Leon Silverman, and Barry Zegel, all of whom bring a broad set of strategic, leadership,and innovation expertise to Ateliere.

The company says streaming services are the future of media distribution, and Ateliere delivers an integrated approach to using cloud technology to transform the media and streaming supply chain on a global level. By creating an advisory board with top business leaders in entertainment, advertising, and technology, Ateliere is laser-focused on improving the content creation experience and solving industry challenges. This includes driving efficiency through an end-to-end workflow platform, automating the mundane tasks of content creation and QC, deduplicating content, and expanding content distribution to more endpoints without compromising artistic intent.

“With explosive growth in 2022, Ateliere is moving rapidly into the next phase of our business lifecycle. It’s more important than ever to have industry leaders collaborate with us on these strategic innovations to continue furthering the industry and Ateliere,” says Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere. “Our partners and clients seek seamless experiences, and the advisory board is positioned to accelerate our business and reinvent the media supply chain with their industry experience and mindsets.”

“Content creators strive to bring their vision to the screen for audiences to share and enjoy. Technology today can vastly simplify and streamline the mechanics and costs of this creative process. Ateliere is uniquely positioned for its mission to empower creators to leverage these technologies to realize and share these visions as never before possible,” says Chris Cookson, Ateliere Advisory Board member and former president of Sony Pictures Technologies and Warner Bros. Technical Operations, “I look forward to teaming with my fellow board members to expand Ateliere’s reach and power to aid the creative process truly from concept to consumer.”

A Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award winner for engineering, Cookson’s innovation in broadcast, movie, and streaming technologies has led to over 30 patents that impact the industry, from the technology used to create content, to how audiences experience it on screens and devices everywhere.

Jon Bond, most known for his work as cofounder of kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners, has also joined Ateliere’s Advisory Board. He brings an extensive background in the global advertising market to facilitate product development and offerings. Additionally, he is stepping into a crucial role leading global marketing and messaging for Ateliere.

Jon Bond, CEO of Signal Hill Acquisition Company, says, “Ateliere is leading the charge in technology and innovation for the streaming industry. It’s exciting to see how the content workflow has improved through automation, collaboration, and de-duplication innovations. I look forward to joining the board to help navigate the company through this next era of streaming.”

The board will oversee key Ateliere committees, including business development, technology and innovation, operations, and integration. Board members bring a depth of knowledge and experience from leading global technology and entertainment companies, including CBS, Dolby, E! Entertainment, HBO, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Sony, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros, among others.

New members of the Global Advisory Board include:

  • Bill Admans, Chairman of Ateliere’s Advisory Board, Formerly COO of Ateliere, and executive at Netflix and Dolby
  • Wendy Aylsworth, Governor, Academy Television Arts & Sciences, Former WB executive, Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for Engineering (2018)
  • Mitchell Berman, Former HBO, E! executive
  • Jon Bond, CEO of Signal Hill Acquisition Company, Co-founder KBS (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners)
  • Jon Christian, Executive Vice President, Qvest.US
  • Naomi Climer CBE, Former president of Media Cloud Services at Sony
  • Chris Cookson, Former president of Sony Pictures Technologies and Warner Bros. Technical Operations, Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for Engineering (2013)
  • Vince Pizzica, Former Technicolor Executive, Chairman of Bebop Technology
  • Leon Silverman, Industry Advisor, Former Netflix and Disney executive
  • Barry Zegel, Governor, Academy Television Arts & Sciences, Former CBS executive

Ateliere Connect provides end-to-end workflows through its cloud-native content hub that simplifies ingesting, managing, storing, packaging, and delivering video content to global OTT and streaming platforms. The company has created the first-of-its-kind deduplication service that helps content owners significantly reduce their storage footprint cost by seventy percent or more, while lessening carbon impact on the environment.

Ateliere’s advisory board will scale new business opportunities, drive innovation, and accelerate growth in the streaming and entertainment production industry.


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