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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Australia’s Biggest Ad Spenders of 2021 Revealed

New data from the marketing intelligence platform, Pathmatics has revealed the top Aussie brands digital ad spend throughout 2021.

As well as providing the overall top 20 biggest spenders, Pathmatics has done a deep dive into the top spenders.

Commentating on the trends, Eugene Du Plessis, Pathmatics Regional Director ANZ says: “2021 has seen another big uptick in Australian brands spending ad dollars on their digital marketing campaigns. With a large proportion of the country in and out of lockdowns, the consumption of digital media went through the roof, forcing marketers to retool and adapt to a predominantly digital world.

“Procter and Gamble took the top spot, investing approximately $30M this year on digital ads, tapping into consumer demand for home cleaning and hygiene products. Similarly, there’s a significant number of fast food brands in the top 20 including, Yum! Brands, Hungry Jack’s and Menulog, all reaping the benefits as Aussies took to online ordering during lockdown periods. 

“It should come as no surprise that retail outlets like Woolies and Coles also took top places and were recently voted the most trusted brands in Australia according to the Roy Morgan risk report. This is testament to messaging in their ads this year, explaining shortages on essential items such as toilet paper during lockdowns and ads asking consumers to be respectful to staff during these periods.

“As we enter the new year, and hopefully the hardest parts of the pandemic are behind us, Pathmatics will continue to track these trends to see which industries and brands are spending and where, lifting the lid on what has arguably been the biggest digital marketing revolution in our time.”


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