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Caton Technology Moves Corporate HQ and R&D to Singapore

Caton Technology, the develooper of IP network transport solutions, has moved its corporate headquarters, including its research and development directorate, to Singapore. The move, in March 2022, sees the company leave Hong Kong where it was founded.

According to the company, Singapore is widely recognised as a centre of excellence in many of the communications technologies on which Caton’s products depend. These include artificial intelligence, immersive media and augmented reality, blockchain architectures and cyber-security. Caton says it will tap into this dynamic environment as it continues to grow as a major global innovator and facilitator in connectivity.

The company will continue to maintain regional offices in Shanghai, Beijing, California, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo.

Caton’s offerings, including the turnkey service the CatonNet Video Platform (CVP) and the underlying architecture in Caton Transport Protocols (CTP). As Singapore as a city is one of the most connected points in Asia, both physically and digitally, Caton says it will also take advantage of the city’s hub status to provide service to its customers worldwide.

“We are already transforming the world of video connectivity through our unique and innovative tools,” said Ray Huang, CEO of Caton Technology. “But we certainly do not want to stand still: only by continuing to research and develop new tools can we maintain our global position. Singapore is not just a crossroads, it is an exciting, inspiring, vibrant city of ingenuity and excellence that we are delighted to now call home.”


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