Friday, April 19, 2024

Cinedigm Establishes International Distribution Footprint

Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) recently announced through joint efforts with ZEASN, the re-launch of the Company’s popular Viewster ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service, now available worldwide via the leading global television manufacturer Philips. The Viewster app was developed using Cinedigm’s proprietary Matchpoint Blueprint application development platform.

The partnership establishes Cinedigm’s entry into the international marketplace, while making the Company’s diverse and eclectic content easily accessible on the major television manufacturers. In addition to the ZEASN supported Philips televisions, Cinedigm’s roster of premium digital-first networks now have wide distribution across all top-tier TV manufacturers including Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, and LG, among others.

This successful relaunch is inseparable from ZEASN’s full support, since ZEASN has rich industry experience in creating, maintaining, and operating smart TV applications, smart TV app store, and other smart cloud services. Cinedigm and ZEASN have maintained a good cooperative relationship for a long time.

The Viewster app is powered by Cinedigm’s scalable application development platform, Matchpoint Blueprint, which enables content distributors and content owners to efficiently and cost-effectively create compelling ad-supported and subscription-based video streaming services. Matchpoint Blueprint will play a crucial role in the international rollout and market expansion of the Viewster app, as the Company utilises the platform for all of its end-to-end needs in order to enable a more robust user experience across a wide range of connected televisions.

“Cooperation with ZEASN to relaunch Viewster App is a meaningful milestone, and it also presents Cinedigm with an incredible opportunity to distribute our unique programming offerings to one of the major television manufacturers in the world,” said Tony Huidor, Cinedigm’s Senior Vice President of Product and Technology. “Philips’ wide distribution of their television hardware across major international territories will be integral to our strategy as we work to establish a global footprint, introducing both our digital networks as well as our proprietary Matchpoint Blueprint platform to new markets on one of the world’s leading television brands.”

Jason He, Chief Executive Officer of ZEASN, said, “We are excited that the Viewster App has been successfully relaunched with the help of ZEASN’s services. ZEASN has been committed to providing the best smart home services for Internet users around the world. The Viewster App newly built by Cinedigm will bring a better user experience to Philips’ smart TV users, and will help ZEASN to build a more complete Whale Ecosystem in the smart home industry.”


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