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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Comcast Still Dominates the Western European Pay TV – Primarily OTT

At Q3 2022, OTT pay TV and IPTV offers crossed the 50 percent penetration of pay TV subscriptions mark in Western Europe, highlighting the continuous progression of OTT services and its adoption by telecom operators.

Traditional premium satellite intensify their shift towards OTT

Comcast still dominates the Western European pay TV market in terms of income: It generated around 31 percent of total revenues through the Sky and Now TV brands in the past year. The group has been making a strategic shift from satellite to OTT distribution for several years with its brand Now TV available in the UK, Ireland, Italy and in the DACH region, and in 2021, it entered the Smart TV market with the Sky Glass TV set. Meanwhile, the group has also increasingly positioned itself as an aggregator of the OTT world: Sky currently has 33 active partnerships with third party OTT platforms in Western Europe, offered as add-ons or in hard bundles.


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