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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Comparison of Chinese S3D Movies with Hollywood

VQMT3D project continues publishing its updates! Here is provide a technical-quality analysis of selected Chinese S3D movies in comparison with Hollywood ones using a wide range of stereoscopic quality metrics. Presented are averaged overall comparison results along with detailed samples and notes for each movie in the 11th VQMT3D Project Report:

You can download Report #11 (PDF, 110 Mb)

  • 10 Chinese stereoscopic movies released in 2011 and 2016
  • 6 measurable metrics: Depth Budget, Scale Mismatch, Rotation Mismatch, Vertical Parallax, Color Mismatch, and Sharpness Mismatch
  • 4 qualitative metrics, specific for 2D-to-3D-conversion: Edge-Sharpness Mismatch, Occlusion Processing, Cardboard Effect, Stuck-to-background objects
  • Visualisations and notes for each selected movie
  • 566 charts, 322 pages

For measurable metrics are presented several overall diagrams as above illustrating how technical quality depends on release date and budget. The diagrams show values for our metrics averaged over movies’ frames. You can find them in the first part of the report.

Qualitative metrics can serve only as indicators of possible problems, meaning they only detect potentially flawed scenes without numerically assessing the severity of the issue. Thus, we present only visualisations of potentially problematic frames and omit overall comparison charts for these metrics. We provide detailed samples and notes for each movie in the following parts.

The measurements focus mostly on technical quality, without claim to compare ‘user experience’. Nevertheless, the quality of the user experience should correlate with the film’s technical quality.


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