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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Disney+ Surpassed $2 Billion in Global Consumer Spend

Subscriptions, exclusive releases, strong IP and international expansion propelled Disney+’s Growth in Mobile Consumer Spend

As reported in State of Mobile 2022 report, Disney+ was the #2 streaming app by global app store consumer spend in 2021, second only to YouTube. Closer to home, Disney+ was actually ranked number 1 by app store (combined iOS and Google Play) consumer spend in Singapore last year, followed by Youtube and Netflix at third place.

The pandemic has accelerated consumer demand for streaming from the comfort of home and the convenience of the device always at our fingertips: our smartphones. Hence, it’s not surprising that mobile streaming and subscriptions have reached new highs in 2021 as companies recognise the change in consumer behaviour and harness the power of the small screen.


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