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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Fetch TV Enters Ad Partnership with Kargo

Fetch TV and Kargo have entered into a partnership to drive sales of premium video advertising inventory on the Fetch aggregation platform. Fetch provides access to a large-scale, highly engaged TV audience via advertising supported FAST and subscription channels. Operating in conjunction with the Fetch in-house Advertising team, the partnership with Kargo will provide Fetch an enhanced sales network to service Australian advertisers and media agencies seeking quality video placements.

Kargo will offer advertisers the opportunity to reach the Fetch audience with targeted, cost-efficient programmatic or direct advertising campaigns, either as pure video buy or overlaying Fetch inventory with Kargo’s effective enhanced advertising solutions and targeting options.

“With extensive experience in online video over many years, Kargo has developed a suite of enhanced pre-roll advertising solutions that have been proven to work much harder than standard pre-rolls,” said Robert Leach, Kargo GM APAC. “Over the last couple of years, Kargo has brought this experience to enhanced CTV advertising with some of the world’s largest broadcasters. The results have been amazing, with dramatic increases in ad recall, brand awareness, consideration, favourability, and purchase intent when compared to standard CTV pre-rolls.”

This announcement comes as Fetch continues to add scale through the ongoing migration of the Telstra TV base of around 700,000 subscribers across to Fetch, following the acquisition of a majority share in Fetch TV Pty Ltd by Telstra Group Ltd in 2022.

Launched as one of the first Australian aggregation platforms in 2010, and the only TV device designed and developed in Australia, Fetch seamlessly brings together Free-to-Air channels, BVOD, SVOD, FAST, and premium subscription channels, plus YouTube, and a TV and Movie Store with over 11,000 titles. In addition to enjoying partnerships with the world’s largest content providers, Fetch continues to expand the range of free content available to users via a growing selection of FAST channels, with the current selection of twenty channels expanding to thirty-two in April.

Melissa Fitzgerald, Head of Advertising at Fetch TV, said, “The launch of video advertising on Fetch has been a great success and with demand growing every day. Adding Kargo to our sales efforts will enable us to scale quickly and better service our agency partners. Kargo is a progressive company with an established and well-regarded sales team that now provide advertisers with access to Fetch’s large audience, servicing the Australian market nationally.”

“We are well aware of the effectiveness of CTV pre-roll,” remarked Robert Leach, Kargo APAC’s GM. “This partnership marks a major milestone in shaping the CTV landscape of Australia. Merging Fetch TV’s top-notch content delivery with Kargo’s cutting-edge advertising solutions not only enhances the audience’s ad viewing experience but also boosts brand favourability and recall. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

The Fetch Ads sales team will continue to service the market for Display User Interface advertising and will work closely with Kargo on new video briefs and trading agreements.


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