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Free Report: 2022 Trends in Cybersecurity for Video Entertainment

It is both a blessing and a curse to live in the connected world. The very things that make it one of the most exciting eras in our history, also make it the least secure. Because behind every development, every technological advancement and every connected device, lurks a pirate or hacker, ready to capitalise on vulnerabilities and profit off of weaknesses.

Preparing for the Peak

Although 2021 was the most prolific year for cyberattacks and piracy, Irdeto experts predict that we’re far from seeing the peak of activity. Cyberattacks and piracy are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and recruitment of new pirates and hackers is at an all-time high, partly driven by the Covid pandemic. But another key driver is consumer demand: from video entertainment and video games to connected cars with the latest amenities, customers demand the best that technology can offer. But companies that rush to deliver on that demand can become the architects of their own demise.

Like many companies, Irdeto applies a Zero Trust Architecture approach to keep its own systems safe. That includes continuous employee training, multi-factor authentication to access the company network and any sensitive data, and automated defense systems that alert us whenever any unusual activity occurs. After all, breaches can happen anywhere, at any time, with even the slightest human error.

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