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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Fujifilm Launches First Ever Global Purpose on 90th Anniversary

Fujifilm is celebrating its 90th anniversary with the launch of the company’s first ever Global Purpose, ‘Giving Our World More Smiles’, underscoring the company’s commitment to bring diverse ideas, unique capabilities and extraordinary people together to change the world.

The new Global Purpose also reflects the role of Fujifilm Group in bringing smiles globally through innovative products for the past 90 years and the aim for the entire Fujifilm group to guide employees, customers and the community toward a shared future.

Fujifilm’s new Global Purpose ‘Giving Our World More Smiles’.

To see a short video on Fujifilm’s new Global Purpose visit

Fujifilm Australia CEO Richie Matoba said, “Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary celebrates the rich diversified history of our brand and our journey through a wide range of industries and products that have enriched and changed countless lives. It is also a commitment to the future, with the belief that our product range and proprietary technologies will be successful in giving our world more smiles.”

Since its foundation, Fujifilm has been dedicated to providing products and services based on its advanced and proprietary technologies to bring smiles to people’s faces. In achieving sustainable growth and with its employees as the driving force, the company aims to propel the Fujifilm group toward realising the new Global Purpose as an embodiment of shared aspiration.

President, CEO and representative director of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation Teiichi Goto added, “Through our new Global Purpose and by combining the Fujifilm Group’s strengths in technology and the wisdom of our diverse and talented workforce, we will contribute to solving social issues through all of our businesses.”

To mark its anniversary, Fujifilm has also launched a dedicated 90th anniversary website which showcases the company’s history since 1934 and reflects the wide ranging public discussions it has had about its role in society and how it can contribute to create a brighter future.

Fujifilm’s new Global Purpose is one of its most unique and wide-ranging initiatives to date as it encompasses all of the company’s divisions, including medical systems, photo imaging, recording media and electronic imaging.

The new Global Purpose has roots as far back as Fujifilm’s 2006 corporate philosophy change when the company began aligning its business expansion and the addition of diverse products globally. It also aligns with Fujifilm’s global CSR plan which emphasises sustainable development as a part of Fujifilm’s Sustainable Value Plan (SVP) 2030.

Whilst Fujifilm’s “Value from Innovation” remains as the company’s corporate slogan, there has also been a key Corporate Philosophy Update which the company describes as, “an embodiment of aspirations propelling the group toward realising its purpose.”

Matoba added, “There are some key messages that form a strong thread running through our new Global Purpose. These include Fujifilm’s resilience through crises, diversification and proactive initiatives, our transition from photographic film to our Second Foundation with focus on imaging, healthcare, materials and business innovation and our unwavering commitment to contributing to societal challenges whilst maintaining a needed and trusted status in our corporate culture.”

The timing of the new Global Purpose Establishment is no coincidence as the company aims to unify employees, customers and the community worldwide on its 90th corporate anniversary year whilst setting the vision for its 100th anniversary.”

Richie Matoba concluded, “Our goal is for Fujifilm to continue providing innovative value and achieve sustainable growth towards our 100th anniversary and beyond as we realise our new Global Purpose. To that end, we will continue to take on the challenge of learning from the past in order to shape the future.”


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