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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

How Pay-TV, Telco and Content Businesses Can Create Resilience in a Post-COVID World

NAGRA, the provider of content protection and multiscreen video solutions, has released a white paper to help premium content, pay-TV and telco businesses identify operating challenges and build a resilient strategy to optimize subscriber services, increase loyalty, and reduce churn.

The new NAGRA report, entitled “Shaping Post-COVID Resilience for the Premium Content, Pay-TV and Telco Businesses,” outlines the challenges service providers are facing and how NAGRA Insight uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help decision-makers drive business performance and operational excellence for the benefit of the entire ecosystem, from content creators to operators and subscribers.

“COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation for the premium content, pay-TV and telco industries in regard to running their businesses and managing their subscribers – the repercussions of which will be felt for quite a while,” said Jacques-Edouard Guillemot, SVP Insight at NAGRA.

“In this environment, decision-making is critical,” continued Guillemot. “Powerful forecasting models and efficient workflow capabilities are needed to help management quickly and efficiently shape business strategies to meet both immediate and long-term goals, whether the focus is on customer retention, call center management or pricing and packaging. NAGRA Insight addresses all of those fronts through action-oriented recommendations that can make service providers adjust their decisions to be more relevant and attractive to their subscribers.”

Leveraging the Kudelski Group’s strong business knowledge, data and artificial intelligence skills, workflow management, and deep understanding of its customers’ operations, NAGRA Insight focuses on the four main pillars that make a successful business: boost subscriber numbers, optimize content, enhance the quality of experience delivered and improve the effectiveness of targeted advertising. It delivers actionable recommendations by combining existing operational data with its industry-specific, AI-driven business recommendation capabilities to help service providers identify trends and make relevant decisions on a per-subscriber basis.

As a result, premium content, pay-TV and telco businesses can build strong decision-making scenarios, get personalized recommendations and monitor the impact of current and new initiatives to adapt to an ever-evolving environment.

“NAGRA Insight is having a very tangible impact on our partners and generating revenue uplift for some of our biggest customers,” adds Guillemot. “It has improved their bottom line by tens of millions of dollars by helping them allocate marketing campaign budgets more effectively, optimize call center routing and personalize pricing and package offerings. It is really the only viable solution to build new reference data on the fly, extrapolate and make that data usable, while adapting strategies along the way – and there has never been a more critical time to give service providers the ability to achieve that.”

To download a copy of “Shaping Post-COVID Resilience for the Premium Content, Pay-TV and Telco Businesses”, click here

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