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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

IABM launches BaM Stock Exchange

IABM recently launched the BaM Stock Exchange. This initiative follows the publication of IABM’s recent survey results of electronic component shortages across IABM members (see here). The BaM Stock Exchange enables IABM member companies to list their excess stock on the IABM website using internationally accepted parts codes and descriptions. Companies who are experiencing shortages can check the BaM Stock Exchange and potentially find the components they require; the BaM Stock Exchange is fully searchable and filterable, making it simple to quickly find their required components. IABM then puts the two parties in contact to complete the transaction as a value-added service.

“We launched the component shortages survey following a conversation I had with Tim Shoulders, CEO at Grass Valley,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “Grass Valley was experiencing significant challenges in sourcing certain components for manufactured products. We wanted to establish how widespread this problem was in the Broadcast and Media technology ecosystem.

“The survey revealed that many companies are experiencing the same difficulties – but was there anything we could do about it? As a relatively niche industry compared with, for example, the automotive industry giants who are widely reported as suffering the same shortages, we don’t have equal ‘clout’ with component suppliers. However, most companies do hold their own stocks of components – some of which they no longer use. Since many components are common across Broadcast and Media tech suppliers, it makes compelling sense to use the industry’s independent, international organisation as an ‘Exchange’. From there, it was a comparatively straightforward process to set the BaM Stock Exchange up, and I hope this value-added service will help many IABM members to obtain the parts they need or reduce their unused stock overhead; it is truly a win-win for all.

“I want to give credit to Tim Shoulders for the genesis of this idea, and for turning to IABM to make it a reality. IABM is committed to building and sustaining a thriving global MediaTech community, and this kind of initiative plays perfectly with that mission,” White concluded.

“I’m thrilled that the IABM stepped up to fulfil this important role for the media community,” said Tim Shoulders, CEO at Grass Valley. “The BaM Stock Exchange will help us keep these short supply components within our industry and improve lead times and outcomes for our media customers. This is a great example of the IABM leadership responding to the needs of our membership for the better of our community.”


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