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Monday, July 15, 2024

IABM Launches Virtual Platform

With 600+ members across the world covering every segment of the BaM Content Chain and together representing the vast majority of broadcast and media technology revenues, IABM is uniquely positioned to provide a one-stop, up to the moment portal for the whole industry.

That’s why IABM has launched the IABM Virtual Platform, giving members a raft of channels to keep the conversation going and promote themselves to the market through a single portal. IABM intends this to be a central hub for the broadcast and media industry, and a constantly growing repository of the information that technology buyers need to continue to operate successfully during the coronavirus pandemic. The IABM Virtual Platform helps companies stand out from the digital noise and ensure that buyers’ eyes are on members’ content, products and services. There are also opportunities for non-members to participate – and the whole virtual platform is, of course, wide open to technology buyers.

The IABM Virtual Platform includes:

BaM Shop Window

Members and non-members can upload their new products and services to the IABM BaM Shop Window and be part of a global one-stop repository of products and services, all logically grouped in BaM Content Chain segments and easily searchable. Even before the arrival of the pandemic, the BaM Shop Window was receiving 10,000 hits a month from end-users looking to buy products, and visitor numbers are now massively increasing. Whether you’re a technology vendor or buyer, this is the place to be!

IABM Virtual Product Showcase

IABM has designed a virtual product showcase page for all members – a one-stop ‘show’ where technology buyers can find out about all the new products and services IABM members are launching. The IABM Virtual Product Showcase can be searched either by company or BaM Content Chain segment. Each product listing includes a picture/graphic, headline description and links back to the vendor’s website for more detailed information and videos, and links for arranging personal, virtual demos.

IABM Virtual Events

IABM is busy organising an extensive series of BaM Online Summits – virtual events around key industry themes – as well as a number of other virtual events, including the State of the Industry breakfast session.

Collaborate and Connect App

While face-to-face networking is off-limits for most of us for the foreseeable future, we still need to stay in touch to keep those essential conversations going. To help with this, IABM has launched a Collaborate and Connect App for attendees at BaM Online Summits and other IABM virtual events to enable delegates to talk directly with each other.


IABM TV offers members extensive interview and panel discussion facilities at major shows, which are highly valued marketing and information sharing opportunities. These will instead now be happening virtually and all IABM members are invited to take part, introducing their companies and products, and joining panels discussing a wide range of topics from production and monetisation to cloud and OTT, and all points in between.

IABM Virtual Events Calendar

IABM has created a central, shared events calendar for the industry to find out what’s going on in the virtual world. All companies can submit their virtual, online or on-demand events for inclusion in the Virtual Events Calendar, with IABM members getting a premium listing. Investigate here.

IABM Webinars

IABM has a schedule of webinars covering a range of topics. In addition, both members and non-members can take advantage of IABM resources to run their own webinars for a reasonable fee. IABM members also get exclusive access to our extensive webinar archive which includes over 40 on-demand webinars covering all the key topics in the broadcast and media industry.

Virtual Press Page

We are working with PR agencies across the industry to provide an online repository of all the key news, virtual press conferences and releases. Marketing and PR staff within member companies are, of course, also welcome to contribute. Further information will be released shortly; please click here to register your interest.


So often we are told that while people desperately want to update their knowledge, they just don’t have the time. Well maybe now they just might – and IABM has a wide range of e-learning courses available on relevant topics to satisfy their need. These high quality, interactive online courses have been designed to provide companies of all types and sizes access to ensure employees are equipped with the appropriate industry knowledge.

On-demand Content

Brimming with thousands of pieces of unique content, the Knowledge Hub on the IABM website is already the industry’s most comprehensive online knowledge resource. IABM is inviting members to put themselves forward to record presentations to further increase its scope, as well as submitting presentation ideas for the online Future Trends Theater.

Business Intelligence

IABM’s world-class Business Intelligence Unit is working flat out to keep abreast of all the latest developments and trends that are affecting the broadcast and media industry. All IABM members – and technology end-users who have signed up to be IABM Global Engaged Partners – have access to all the knowledge they need to keep up to date and inform better business decisions.

Ben Dales, IABM Digital Media Manager, has been responsible for developing the IABM Virtual Platform. “IABM’s mission is to provide knowledge, support and leadership for the Broadcast and Media technology industry,” Dales said. “Having engaged with many IABM members and our Global Engaged Partners in broadcast and media companies over the last few weeks, we have a very clear understanding of what kind of shared platforms and support would help them keep their businesses ticking in these difficult times, and we have designed the IABM Virtual Platform to meet these needs. As always, we would welcome further input and ideas to make it work even harder for members – and the wider industry too.”


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