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Monday, June 17, 2024

IABM Reports: Cloud Adoption Trends, Manage and Support Content Chain Trends

IABM has released two new reports created by its Business Intelligence Unit: Cloud Adoption Trends, Manage and Support Content Chain Trends. Both reports are built from a combination of industry-wide qualitative and quantitative sources to provide a comprehensive overview of current and future trends. Here is a summary of their key findings:

Cloud Adoption Trends

  • Cloud adoption in broadcast and media continues to grow with most media businesses having adopted cloud technology; this was significantly accelerated by Covid.
  • The move to remote production and the increasing volumes of data due to M+E convergence have all contributed to accelerated cloud adoption.
  • Despite the increasing complexity caused by an expanding virtualised infrastructure, a multi-cloud approach is becoming an increasingly popular choice among media companies who want to avoid being locked in with a single cloud service provider.
  • Media businesses’ move towards decentralised remote production is driving investment in edge computing and cloud storage, bringing new efficiencies to TV and film production.
  • From the content supply chain perspective, cloud technology is being implemented predominantly for storing, distributing, producing, and managing content.

Manage and Support Content Chain Trends

The Manage and Support segments of the BaM Content Chain® are both seeing increased investment. The rapid move to the cloud, combined with the content and streaming boom and versioning for new markets, is increasing the requirement for efficiency and scalability, so driving growing demand for cloud-based, AI/ML powered MAM and orchestration solutions.

  • The move to the cloud is being driven by decentralized, remote production, the need for scalability and speed, and the requirement for collaboration and shared access. 
  • AI/ML is playing an ever-growing role in supporting the move to the cloud with data-driven, automated workflows including metadata generation, data analytics and personalisation, and advanced UX design.
  • Microservices are being increasingly relied on for flexibility and elasticity, localisation for new markets, advanced data processing and metadata integration.
  • The move to hybrid/multi-cloud environments is driving demand for software development and security solutions. 

“The move to the cloud, already underway but greatly accelerated by the Covid pandemic, is having a major impact right across the BaM Content Chain,” said Lorenzo Zanni, IABM’s Head of Knowledge. “While it is potentially introducing a new level of complexity for media companies, technology suppliers are collaborating with end-users to provide innovative solutions that enable them to unlock the full potential of the cloud. In the Manage and Support segments of the content chain, these are concentrated on leveraging scalability and shared access, enabled by AI/ML-driven, automated workflows with increasing use of microservices.”


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