Sunday, May 26, 2024

Lucinda Meek Appointed CFOO at IABM

IABM recently announced that Lucinda Meek, currently Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of IABM, has accepted a much wider role in the direction and running of the Association as Chief Finance and Operations Officer (CFOO).

Lucinda’s new title recognises and formalises the marked expansion in responsibilities and activities Lucinda has actively embraced over recent years. In addition to her core role in looking after the finances of IABM, Lucinda has taken on responsibility for overseeing and managing IABM’s training division, Human Resources, IT management and support services. Lucinda is also a member of the IABM Board, Chair of IABM Investments Ltd., and Company Secretary.

Lucinda Meek said: “I am delighted to have my involvement in the day-to-day operational issues of IABM formally recognised and I look forward to continuing to help IABM deliver for its members. I work with a wonderful team and we work together to ensure our daily operations and deliverables meet our members’ expectations.“

“Lucy’s input into so many areas of IABM’s day-to-day activities is invaluable – she is very much at the centre of critical operations at IABM,” said Peter White, CEO at IABM. “Lucy’s new title of CFOO formalises her wide-ranging responsibilities and the boundless energy she brings to everything she does. The new job title reflects Lucy’s much-expanded, central role in IABM’s core activities; it is well-deserved recognition for all the knowledge, expertise and sheer hard work Lucy contributes which continues to make IABM such a successful trade association.”


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