Monday, April 22, 2024

MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo Join Forces

MEDIAGENIX, a global media solution provider with Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON, have announced the acquisition of BeBanjo, a technology company that streamlines the editorial and operational aspects of video distribution services with its Movida product suite.

This brings together a best-in-class scheduling and programming solution with the best-in-class cloud native VOD scheduling and planning solution in one portfolio. The combined companies and solutions will strengthen each other in delivering content-centric business management software to the full spectrum of media operators, ranging from broadcasters who are increasingly monetising their content through a variety of new distribution models, up to the streaming-centric market segments where VOD-first solutions are critical for success.

The acquisition is  a logical step for MEDIAGENIX as a global media business and technology innovator, which enriches its solution portfolio and anticipates media companies’ need for greater agility, scalability, and efficiency. MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo together will be better able to help clients engage target audiences, minimise OPEX and maximise content ROI.

MEDIAGENIX and BeBanjo share an impressive customer base of iconic media brands who can now enjoy the benefits of the breadth and reliability of the WHATS’ON platform in combination with the best-of-breed VOD-first solution Movida.

François Chabat, CEO of BeBanjo, commented: “I am  excited that BeBanjo is joining the MEDIAGENIX organisation. MEDIAGENIX will provide BeBanjo with the required expertise and resources – particularly in terms of global reach and commercial capabilities – to accelerate our future growth. MEDIAGENIX also brings its outstanding experience and deep integration in complex media workflows. And we are proud to bring our strategic and product development expertise, as well as an additional set of cloud native solutions, to the MEDIAGENIX organisation. The joined-up product offering will open new possibilities and return increased value to our customers. And I am delighted by the cultural fit, shared values and shared outlook of BeBanjo and MEDIAGENIX. BeBanjo’s clients and employees will benefit from us joining a major player.”

“I am very enthusiastic to welcome the BeBanjo team in these exciting times where the media business is in the middle of a revolution”, said Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of MEDIAGENIX. “I strongly believe having BeBanjo’s professionals on board will be of great added value to us leading the technology transformation of media operations worldwide. We have the same customer and product focus, working in an environment of open communication and shared values. BeBanjo’s renowned technological know-how and unique expertise have allowed them to develop innovative and competitive cloud native solutions for their clients. Together we will bring even more value to our clients by optimising their content supply chain orchestration, improving their return on investment, and contributing to their profitability and success.”


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