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Monday, June 17, 2024

Mediaverse to Provide Insights as a Service Under New Brand

Australian PR platform Medianet has announced that it is rebranding its insights business Mediaverse to become Medianet Insights. The novel ‘IaaS’ or Insights as a Service model provides meaningful analysis reports for subscribers of Medianet’s PR plans, without the need for a separate media monitoring service.

Medianet Insights will be powered by human-led analysis delivering reports on campaign performance, reputation, competitor landscape, proactive media activity and social media.

Medianet Insights will also continue to provide expert consultative insights to clients, which include government, ASX100 and not-for-profit organisations. 

The new service addresses inadequacies with media monitoring solutions widely used to measure PR impact. Beyond what is available on media monitoring dashboards and “AI reports”, human analysis is essential to measure sentiment, the success of key message delivery and the true impact of a PR campaign. Now these meaningful reports will be available to most Medianet clients, including those that don’t currently hold a separate media monitoring solution.

Head of Insights and Strategy at Medianet Insights, Sally Chadwick, said there is a misconception in the PR and comms market that media analysis and insights is the same as the data provided by media monitoring.

“The process of media monitoring is important but it is essentially the counting of your media coverage. This ultimately won’t tell you anything about the quality of that coverage,” she said.

“Media analysis by real humans is not replaceable with AI and widgets on a dashboard. Our reports draw out real human-driven insights that provide the meaningful story behind your coverage and reputation in the media.”

Medianet’s Managing Director Amrita Sidhu said the new service is an exciting development for the media intelligence business.

“In one comprehensive subscription we are now able to offer our clients an end-to-end PR service to facilitate their entire campaign, from distribution and pitching all the way to analysis and insights for future improvement. This means our clients can go beyond email open rates and clip counts to truly understand their PR effectiveness, ” she says.

“Accessibility is key for Medianet, and our subscription plans will remain tiered to suit the various needs of PR professionals. Sophisticated media intelligence and insights should be vital and affordable for everyone, from those needing insights into one-off media campaigns, to those with need for continuous weekly analysis of media mentions across their whole strategy and major campaigns.”


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