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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Naoki Wakai Departs as StarHub Non-Executive Director

StarHub Ltd, one of Singapore’s leading telecommunications companies, has announced the stepping down of Mr. Naoki “Nick” Wakai as a Non-Executive Director, effective April 25, 2024.

Appointed on August 30, 2017, Mr. Wakai’s decision not to seek re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting has been cited as the primary reason for his departure from the company.

At 58 years of age, Wakai boasts a distinguished career in the telecommunications sector, underpinned by his roles across various companies. Notably, he has served as the President & CEO of NTT Singapore Pte Ltd, Head of NTT Singapore Solutions Pte. Ltd., and Director of PT NTT Indonesia Ltd. His extensive experience has also seen him holding significant positions outside Singapore, including being a Director at PLDT, Inc and an Executive Officer at NTT Communications Corporation.

Despite his departure, StarHub has confirmed that the Audit Committee (AC) maintains a minimum of three members and that the number of Independent Directors residing in Singapore, even after Mr. Wakai’s cessation, stands at five. This is in compliance with Singapore’s Listing Rule 704 (7) or Catalist Rule 704 (6).


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