Saturday, May 25, 2024

OIS Provide Third Party Verification for Chinese Investment in pDOOH

Specialist Chinese out-of-home company ChinaDOOH has partnered with OIS to provide third party verification of programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) campaigns for its Chinese clients launching their brands in international markets.

ChinaDOOH provides programmatic DOOH services for the North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia regions, and has access to more than 700,000 high-quality DOOH screens all over the world. Within China, the DOOH market is worth $US3 billion and is projected to double by 2027, driven by pDOOH.

OIS will provide its world-first and purpose built pDOOH verification services to ChinaDOOH and its clients in international markets. Leading out-of-home third party verification provider OIS enables media buyers to independently measure every impression on every screen to improve the transparency of their programmatic DOOH buys. ChinaDOOH is now able to set up campaigns and generate proprietary OIS tracking pixels to report on campaign delivery with increased confidence.

OIS CEO, Justin Singh, said: “OIS launched the world’s first purpose built pDOOH verification solution last year, and we’re thrilled it will now be made available to Chinese brands investing in pDOOH as part of their global marketing activities. Market innovators across the globe, such as ChinaDOOH, are choosing to support the increased transparency OIS technology provides, improving the confidence of brands investing in pDOOH across international borders.

“This new partnership comes as OIS rapidly expands our footprint in international markets, including Southeast Asia and New Zealand, with more growth to come.”

ChinaDOOH CEO, Victor Zhang, said: “pDOOH is a new trend for Chinese brands marketing overseas. Not only do we already offer a rich and diverse range of pDOOH strategies and execution for these brands, we will also provide independent third-party verification services for Chinese brands marketing globally, which will also further push forward the transparency and credibility of Chinese brands in overseas markets.”

The partnership agreement is effective immediately.


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