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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

OnDemandKorea Expands US CTV Presence with New TV Apps

ODK Media, Inc., an independent International media group, has announced a massive roll-out of CTV apps for OnDemandKorea, the largest Korean streaming service in North America: viewers can access content across all the largest Connected TV platforms in the space, including Roku, Samsung, LG, Fire TV, Apple TV and, Android TV.

The OnDemandKorea CTV app features free, ad-supported streaming TV(FAST) and on-demand TV shows, movies, K-pop, and original content. Viewers can access over 4000 titles through a redesigned user interface that prioritises simplicity and a seamless viewing experience.

ODK FAST Channels, which are live and programmed 24/7, showcase hit TV shows, on-air news, and popular variety shows. Its intuitive program guide enables users to browse channels seamlessly from their TV screens via remote control.

Since its launch on Roku in 2018, the OnDemandKorea CTV app has rapidly grown its user base, with a 78% increase year-over-year in view hours.

“For over a decade, we have connected our viewers with the international content they seek by cultivating relationships with broadcasting and production companies abroad. With the rollout of our additional CTV apps, we are not only meeting the demand from our dedicated users to consume our content on bigger screens, but also growing audience reach on behalf of our content partners,” said Young Joon Cha, CEO of ODK Media, Inc.

OnDemandKorea, the first and largest legal Korean streaming service in North America, serves over 70% of the Korean population* in the United States; the average user consumes 3.8 hours of content daily.

As an international media hub, ODK Media, Inc., continues to grow its owned and operated streaming service platforms and expand its content distribution and syndication deals in North America by partnering with major studios, television operators, global streaming service platforms, distribution networks and movie theaters. These partnerships represent over 500,000 hours of IP content from 320 producers in 36 countries.

As an independent media group, ODK Media, Inc. owns and/or operates:

International OTT streaming platforms OnDemandKorea, OnDemandChina, OnDemandViet, OnDemandLatino;

Zapzee, a digital magazine covering all the latest news on K-POP, Korean media, and celebrity life;

ODK shop, an e-commerce platform selling Korea’s top Beauty and Lifestyle products in the US;

ODK Box, a user-friendly streaming TV device that provides access to all content from OnDemandKorea and includes live Korean channels;

Tailor Contents, a metadata production and distribution platform, collecting and processing Asian media data worldwide; and

ODK media distribution platform connecting international content producers and studios from more than 36 countries to North American streaming services, broadcast companies, and movie theaters.


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