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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Over Half of Aussie Companies Already Use AI Tools

A recent study has revealed that 54 percent of companies in Australia have already used generative AI tools to create video content, and another 34 percent of companies are not currently using these tools but are interested in doing so.

To learn more about how AI-generated videos are used for digital marketing purposes and the benefits and challenges they may bring, leading B2B software search site Capterra surveyed 255 marketing professionals and executives.

The survey found that most (60 percent) respondents said their business is interested in trying AI videos and is considering them for their marketing strategy. Almost half (48 percent) of companies plan to start using AI video tools within the next one to six months (48 percent). However, nearly one in 10 (8 percent) respondents said their company plans to start using AI in the next 30 days.

The main benefit of using generative AI tools to create video content is improved video quality, selected by 61 percent of survey takers. It goes hand in hand with higher engagement, which 57 percent of respondents chose, opening up new possibilities for content creators and marketers.

However, there are also drawbacks to using generative AI tools to create video content. According to survey respondents, the top two challenges are difficulty achieving the desired style of videos (57 percent) and generic or repetitive content (50 percent).

The outlook on using AI tools for video content creation is positive overall; the majority (80 percent) of survey respondents at companies already using these tools said they plan to use them more and more.

Laura Burgess, Content Analyst at Capterra Australia, said: “Companies should incorporate AI video generators into their content marketing strategies as they can help brands position themselves as forward-thinking compared to competitors.

“Whilst AI videos open up new possibilities for businesses, it’s crucial to remember that the tools are most effective when combined with human creativity. The combination of AI tools and human expertise can lead to more compelling and effective marketing videos.”

The full article is now live on the Capterra Australia blog.


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