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Qvest Expands European Management

Technology consultancy Qvest has announced a management restructure aimed at increasing the company’s performance in the media and entertainment sector and promoting the consistent further development of the entire group of companies.

Konstantin Knauf and Jawid Mahmoodzada are now responsible for Qvest’s operational activities, particularly with regard to consulting and system integration in Europe. Meanwhile, Peter Nöthen, Thomas Müller, Christian Massmann and Christian Boris Hönig will continue to focus on the holistic strategic expansion and further development of the service portfolio of the entire Qvest group of companies with its international holdings and subsidiaries.

The company says its customers will benefit directly from the reorganisation of the Qvest management, particularly in Germany and Europe. Konstantin Knauf and Jawid Mahmoodzada will orchestrate all of the company’s operational project activities in Germany and at the European subsidiaries.

Konstantin Knauf started his career at the Cologne-based technology company more than 15 years ago and has since taken on management and consulting responsibilities for projects in Germany, Southeast Asia and Australia. He has been Director Consulting at Qvest since 2018. Media and technology expert Jawid Mahmoodzada was responsible for complex Qvest projects focusing on the media and ICT sector as well as cloud solutions in Europe and Asia more than ten years ago. Since 2017, as Principal, he has been a central contact for German and international partners and customers of the company. Since May 2022, Konstantin Knauf and Jawid Mahmoodzada have been managing directors of Qvest GmbH, responsible for the areas of consulting and technology in Germany and Europe. Christian Boris Hönig completes the management as Chief Financial Officer and continues to be responsible for the finances of the global Qvest group of companies in the same function.

According to Peter Nöthen, CEO of Qvest, “Qvest GmbH plays a special role in the development of our group of companies. To this day, it forms the backbone of our activities and is the lynchpin for the realization of projects in Europe and other major international projects. For Jawid and Konstantin, this step marks another chapter in their personal ‘Qvest Success Story’, which makes me particularly happy for them both. It is also very gratifying for us as a company, because we can fill these important key positions with experienced managers from our company. Our global partners and customers will benefit in many ways from Jawid and Konstantin’s hands-on expertise and years of experience in technology transformation.”

The management of the higher-level Qvest group of companies with around 1000 employees worldwide will remain unchanged in terms of personnel. Company founder and CEO Peter Nöthen, together with Thomas Müller (CTO), Christian Massmann (CSO) and Christian Boris Hönig (CFO), will continuously and sustainably expand the internationalisation and global presence of Qvest. This includes in particular the expansion of the investment portfolio and the further development of the global companies of the Qvest Group.

Qvest’s customers include numerous well-known media networks, telecommunications providers, broadcasters as well as companies and organisations from the industrial and public sectors. In addition to headquarters in Cologne and Dubai, Qvest has other locations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia.

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